Write What You Love…

I was having a conversation with a friend at work the other day and somehow, the topic of blogs came up. As an avid reader of blogs and slightly avid blogger, I proclaimed the fact that I have FOUR blogs, but each are used in different ways, to display my ever growing and slightly random interests. This friend said something to me that kind of made me think.

He said, that when you blog, you should try and keep it consistent.

Don’t get me wrong, having four blogs is an interesting task. I have one for personal use (ranting, fangirl flailing, and icon making), one for a slightly more professional use (writing and photoshop), one that documents my time with my husband (and hasn’t been updated in months because our lives are boring), then this one, which has yet to be defined really. Now of course, there is obvious crossover in the blogs occasionally, but the statement made me think. He was right. I needed to keep things consistent. Keep things interesting, but consistent. So I thought about it. And thought about it. And thought about it.

What do I know? and What do I love?

Simple Answer: My interests vary and jump from topic to topic on a daily (if not hourly) basis. Of all my many interests, one thing remains a constant love. Television.

I know it sounds like a cheat, everyone loves television. Though my personal adoration of television is almost contagious. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve suggested tv shows to certain people and they come back and tell me that they’ve fallen in love with the characters and story lines. To me, television isn’t just something that passes the time. It’s not just something you put on in the background (though of course, everyone does that at some point). It’s something to be praised and enjoyed, whether you’re with your best friends, arguing over which guy the female protagonist should be with, or letting out a giggle of joy while alone in your room when an actor you didn’t expect shows up on your favorite tv show. Or maybe you’re doing a rewatch of a series you loved when you were younger, and now have even more adoration for it now, or maybe it didn’t even live up to your expectations.

Television can and does (occasionally) affect the way people act. For example, when I have Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars marathons, I tend to be a lot more snarky and sarcastic (snarcastic, if you will). Grey’s Anatomy = Moody Anna. How I Met Your Mother = Immature Anna. Big Bang Theory, Warehouse 13, and Firefly = Nerdy Anna. Every TV show affects it’s audience in some way or another. For me, it causes my general personality to change.

It’s not just the way that the shows influence me that I love. It’s the stories and the characters that you fall in love with. The show Bones wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if Brennan didn’t have Booth and the rest of the squints to play off of. House wouldn’t have lasted one season if the cases weren’t interesting enough. I’m fairly certain that if Kayley Cuoco’s Penny of The Big Bang Theory didn’t exist, we would all get lost in the nerd speak of that show. Everyone finds that ONE character that they identify the most with. That one character could be the sole reason they continue to watch the show, or maybe, its one actor that pulls you into a show that you then fall in love with.

No matter the reason, I think that Television has a place. Even though I openly admit that I watch FAR too much TV, without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am. I wouldn’t say things like ‘Allons-y’, ‘Oy with the poodles already!’, or ‘Frak’ (a staple in my vocabulary). It’s the way I’ve bonded with all my friends, it’s what has brought us together, sharing in shows and characters and story lines, I can trace everything back to a tv show. Even when I’m besmirched for how much television I watch, making me feel small and a little childish, I just turn on my favorite episode of Gilmore Girls, or Doctor Who, and it lets me escape from my world and into another. It lets me delve into characters, live overly romantic relationships vicariously, take adventures through Stargates and travel the universe in time machines. No matter what anyone says, television will always be a big influence in my life, and I’m okay with that.


That being said, I’m always up for recommends. If you have a TV Show or even Movie that you want to recommend, then please do. Also, what should I do more of? Reviews, Lists of TV shows I love, Actors I admire, ect. What would YOU like to see?


2 thoughts on “Write What You Love…

  1. I love my little circus freak…

    My fault… totally! We instigated Mom and Anna only Thursdays when Charmed and Gilmore Girls started…until then, you were a normal kid. lol

    As long as TV doesn’t keep you from real humans I see no problem… and I’m your mother. So there. End of discussion.

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