Fall TV Dance Card

With the season/series premiere’s now compiled in this handy little list that Watch with Kristen created, here is what my dance card looks like come September—

italics = summer shows

In Plain Sight | USA
Drop Dead Diva | Lifetime

Castle | ABC
2 Broke Girls (New Show) | CBS
How I Met Your Mother | CBS
Eureka | SyFy
Warehouse 13 | SyFy
Alphas | SyFy
Switched at Birth | ABCFamily

Glee | Fox
New Girl (New Show) | Fox
Ringer (New Show) | The CW
Covert Affairs | USA
White Collar | USA

Psych | USA

The Big Bang Theory | CBS
Bones | FOX
The Office | NBC
Grey’s Anatomy | ABC
Private Practice | ABC

Chuck | NBC
Fringe | FOX
Nikita | The CW
Haven | SyFy
Torchwood | Starz

Doctor Who | BBC
Merlin | BBC

Knowing me, these are all subject to change, based on if I find other shows that are awesome, or find out when other shows are returning.

What about you? What does your dance card look like?

With all these shows coming back and with the Comic-Con panels now up on Youtube in multiple parts, I find myself wanting to do awesome re-watches.

A couple weeks ago, I did a re-watch of Eureka. THAT was awesome. I watched all four seasons in ONE weekend (granted it was a four day weekend, but still). I have MAD re-watch skills. With all the panels coming out teasing about their new seasons, I’m torn between what shows I should do re-watches of next. My thought process went like this…

*gets done watching Psych panel* I should do a Psych re-watch…. *watches Sanctuary panel* When was the last time I watched all of Sanctuary? *realizes there is no Bones panel this year* Man, It’s been a long time since I had a Bones re-watch. *watches Castle panel* OHOH! I should do a Castle re-watch… Nathan Fillion is pretty.

And it just kept going. So now I’m going to pose the question to my readers.
What should my next re-watch be? Help me pick and I’ll post my thoughts of the whole series when the re-watch is over.

New Obsession: Switched at Birth

With this entry, I’m introducing a new line of posts that will come as I discover new shows, called New Obsessions. Meaning shows that have been recommended and shows that I’ve discovered that I am now completely addicted to.

Considering how much I’ve been talking about my love of various Sci-Fi(SyFy) shows, I’m going to change it up a little.

About two weeks ago, I discovered a new show on ABC Family called “Switched at Birth”. My initial desire to watch this show, stemmed from the fact that one of main actresses (Vanessa Marano) played Luke’s daughter on Gilmore Girls, I adored her in that show, and I was happy to see that she was in something new. Upon further research, I discovered that the rest of the cast was pretty awesome as well, Lea Thompson, Lucas Grabeel, and D.W. Moffet all star in the show. .

As great as all these actors are, I wasn’t sure if all of this was enough to get me to watch the show. ABC Family has kind of been a hit and miss channel for me when it comes to awesome TV shows. Greek was amazing, though I could personally do without Secret Life of an American Teenager. When I finally found the plot synopsis for Switched at Birth, I knew that this show had to be in my life… LIKE NOW!

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Tonights Premieres: Warehouse 13, Eureka, and Alphas

When we’re younger, we always had something to do during the summer. Summer was for pool days, running through sprinklers, camping, rolling down hills, and playing on jungle gyms. Because of this, we never really payed much attention to the television. As I’ve grown older I’ve quickly realized that summer time for grown ups with jobs, involves a lot of movies, and series rewatches.

Two years ago, I would have told you that summer tv was the WORST. I always ended up doing multiple rewatches of Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars, but now, with the help of cable, I’ve discovered that summer TV isn’t as bad as it used to be.

Tonight marks the premiere of one new show that looks promising, and the return of two of my favorite shows. All three, on SyFy.

First on the line up is Eureka. With last year’s reboot of the series, Eureka has had a pretty different feel. Though as they say in Eureka “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. This season, I’m hoping for some zany fun stuff as usual, but I really want to see more of Zane. He was so under used in the second and third season, then in the fourth season, he was finally becoming more involved in the main cast. Plus, as Niall Matter says in this interview, Zane is the only one in the main cast who didn’t go back in time. He the one who’s relationships with everyone has changed the most. While I loved his relationships with the cast the first few seasons, this will be so much better!

Second, Warehouse 13. I’ve clearly expressed my love for this show already. This season is no exception. With new addition Aaron Ashmore (Smallville) who plays new recruit Steve Jinks, to the Warehouse because of his unique skill. He can tell when people are lying. Adding this into the the already overflowing pot of crazy, should be an interesting turn in the series. Obviously, I want Myka back, but I understand why she left. She’s unsure of herself. I really hope they bring her back, and have her return to the kick ass agent she is.

Lastly, tonight marks the series premiere of Alphas. There has been a lot of speculation about this show. Some people are comparing it to Heroes, while others have a hard time thinking that it won’t be just another show about people with super powers. I, personally, have a little hope for it. As far as I can tell, the cast is superb. Admittedly, the main reason I’m tuning into this show is because of the fantastic Ryan Cartwright (Mr. Nigel-Murray from Bones). Though, when it comes to superheroes and mutants, the creator of the series is pretty well versed. Check out this great inside look at Alphas with TV Line.

Tonight, should be a fantastic night of artifact finding, inappropriate button pushing, and super human abilities. So much awesome for one night.

Shorter Seasons

In a fan debate between longer or shorter seasons, more often than not, fans tend to side with the longer seasons. Probably because that means that their show is on for a longer amount of time during the year, and when the season ends, it normally only takes 3-4 months for the return as opposed to the 6-8 months it takes when shows have shorter seasons.

With the recent announcement that one of my favorite shows, Bones, is going to be seven episodes shorter, and not even begin airing new episodes until November, I was a little upset originally. After taking a little while to think about it, I’ve realized that some of my favorite shows, are shorter seasons (Doctor Who, Haven, Drop Dead Diva, ect. Hell, season three of Torchwood was only FIVE episodes).

Some people seem to think that shorter seasons are a curse, convinced that with shorter seasons, it gives the audience time to forget about the show and never come back. Though this may be true, having longer seasons is not a guarantee that your audience will stick around come the following season. Especially if you have a lot of filler episodes.

Sanctuary for instance started off as a web-series but gained a big enough fan following that SyFy made it a full time series. The first two seasons both had 13 episodes, never having any problems with episodic arcs or full season story lines, in fact it did so amazing that SyFy ordered an extended third season this past year of 20 episodes. Originally this sounded like an excellent, more Magnus, more Biggie, longer story arcs, and so on. With the season over, my thoughts have changed. Though the story arcs were fantastic, this season seemed to be a little lack-luster. In my opinion, as far as Sanctuary is concerned, more is not always better. With the longer season, there seemed to be a lot more filler episodes, episodes that didn’t really seem to move the overall storyline along.

Then on the opposite side of the spectrum, you have Eureka. Season one started with 12 episodes, in season two they moved to 13 episodes, season three had 18 episodes, and now in season five they are having 20 episodes. Although, the fact that they’re airing the Season 4.5, almost exactly a year after airing the first half of the season does make it feel like a brand new season, gradually increasing the episode count, seems to work for them. It kind of allowed them to feel the water a little bit, and understand how to fill this new time amount correctly.

So for those who are upset about when a series only has 13-15 episodes, let me give you a few good points about shorter seasons.

Shorter seasons allow for more fleshed out story lines.
You may think that it would be the exact opposite, but in some cases it’s not. With shorter seasons, it makes the writers have to think of how to make all the working parts of a season arc come together in such a short time span. Meaning that, when it comes right down to it, we’re going to be getting more information in each episode, allowing the story to progress faster than you’d see in an extended season. You may not have every episode devoted to the over all season arc, but more often than not, you’ll at least get a small hint by the end of the episode.

Not as many ‘filler’ episodes
You know those episodes that I’m talking about. The ones when they end you just stare at the tv and think (or even say aloud) “What WAS that?” because you aren’t sure why that became an episode, or what it had to do with anything else going on in the story line. With shorter seasons, filler episodes don’t happen nearly as often. Of course, they’re going to happen no matter how short or long the season is, but with shorter seasons there seem to be less of them.

With a shorter season, this allows the creators, producers, and other behind the scenes people, to really be able to give us quality television. Whether it’s a series that shoots almost entirely on green screen (Sanctuary), or one that likes to have a lot a really awesome guest stars (Drop Dead Diva). Having shorter seasons give them the budget to be able to do all those things.

What it all really comes down to is that when it comes to the shorter seasons, things are going to be a little rocky, and probably frustrate you to no end when the season ends and you have to wait a longer than usual time before the series comes back, but it’s not a death sentence, and it definitely isn’t a reason not to tune into a series. Just give it a chance, and think about it this way, if you don’t like it, you’ve only wasted 13 episodes, as opposed to 22.