Fall TV Dance Card

With the season/series premiere’s now compiled in this handy little list that Watch with Kristen created, here is what my dance card looks like come September—

italics = summer shows

In Plain Sight | USA
Drop Dead Diva | Lifetime

Castle | ABC
2 Broke Girls (New Show) | CBS
How I Met Your Mother | CBS
Eureka | SyFy
Warehouse 13 | SyFy
Alphas | SyFy
Switched at Birth | ABCFamily

Glee | Fox
New Girl (New Show) | Fox
Ringer (New Show) | The CW
Covert Affairs | USA
White Collar | USA

Psych | USA

The Big Bang Theory | CBS
Bones | FOX
The Office | NBC
Grey’s Anatomy | ABC
Private Practice | ABC

Chuck | NBC
Fringe | FOX
Nikita | The CW
Haven | SyFy
Torchwood | Starz

Doctor Who | BBC
Merlin | BBC

Knowing me, these are all subject to change, based on if I find other shows that are awesome, or find out when other shows are returning.

What about you? What does your dance card look like?

With all these shows coming back and with the Comic-Con panels now up on Youtube in multiple parts, I find myself wanting to do awesome re-watches.

A couple weeks ago, I did a re-watch of Eureka. THAT was awesome. I watched all four seasons in ONE weekend (granted it was a four day weekend, but still). I have MAD re-watch skills. With all the panels coming out teasing about their new seasons, I’m torn between what shows I should do re-watches of next. My thought process went like this…

*gets done watching Psych panel* I should do a Psych re-watch…. *watches Sanctuary panel* When was the last time I watched all of Sanctuary? *realizes there is no Bones panel this year* Man, It’s been a long time since I had a Bones re-watch. *watches Castle panel* OHOH! I should do a Castle re-watch… Nathan Fillion is pretty.

And it just kept going. So now I’m going to pose the question to my readers.
What should my next re-watch be? Help me pick and I’ll post my thoughts of the whole series when the re-watch is over.


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