Cancelled and Confused

With the recent announcement of Eureka’s cancellation, it’s forced me to reminisce on my other TV shows that never finished the way I would have liked to see them end. We all know that our favorite shows won’t last forever (as much as we may want them to). Good things must come to an end. In Eureka’s case, five seasons, is a good long run. The fact that they have a little time to wrap up the series in a some what satisfying way, gives me a little hope.

However, there have been shows that haven’t had that opportunity.

Firefly (September 2002 – December 2002)

Firefly is set five hundred years from today in a new planetary system after humanity abandons “Earth That Was”. Under the leadership of Malcolm Reynolds, a renegade who fought against the new unified central government (the “Alliance”), the crew of the Firefly-class vessel Serenity struggles to survive any way they can. They fly between the border planets to keep away from the Alliance and below its radar. This series was described as a “science fiction western” but is different from other space-based shows as it features no aliens.

Seriously, if you only watch this series because Nathan Fillion is amazing, that’s okay with me. Firefly is a special kind of series craziness. On the one hand, everyone wishes that it had never been cancelled. On the other hand, you have the argument, that what makes this series so incredible, is it’s limited run. No matter your opinion, when you finish this series, what it really comes down to, is that this series does some amazing things with it’s limited time.

Reasons to Watch
1: This is a staple in anyone’s sci-fi collection (at least it is in mine).
2: The cast’s genuine love for eachother makes this show so much fun to watch.
3: Humor. The humor and comedic timing of the show and it’s actors is spot on. With just enough humor to make the serious bits a wee bit more relaxed.
4: THE CAST!!!! You can’t go wrong with Nathan Fillion, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Jewel Staite, Alan Tudek, Gina Torres, and Summer Glau.
5: Speaking of the cast, this show does a great job in letting all of it’s cast members take center stage. Even in the short amount of episodes, no one is left behind.

Veronica Mars (September 2004 – May 2007)
In the wealthy, seaside community of Neptune, California, the rich and powerful make the rules. Unfortunately for them, there’s Veronica Mars, a smart, fearless 17-year-old apprentice private investigator dedicated to solving the town’s toughest mysteries. Veronica used to be one of the popular girls, but it all came crumbling down around her after her best friend, Lilly, was murdered, and her then-sheriff father, Keith, was removed from office for naming Lilly’s rich father as the lead suspect. During the day, Veronica must negotiate high school like any average teenage girl. But at night, she helps with her father’s struggling, new private investigator business–and what she finds may tear the town of Neptune apart at the seams.

I know, people are going to say to me “Three seasons? That’s a pretty okay run”. Of course you would say that, if you haven’t seen how it ended. My main disgruntledness over the reason this show is gone, stems from the fact that they weren’t able to end it on a satisfying note. They didn’t end it really on a cliffhanger, but it was pretty damn close to one. The lack of finality, bugs me. I know that Veronica Mars was hoping for a fourth season, and just never got it, so it’s not really their fault. Which is why I am still hoping a Veronica Mars movie will be made.

Reasons to Watch
1: Kristen Bell. If you know me at all, you know that this is a good enough reason to watch anything.
2: Veronica is the sole embodiment of what it feels like to be on the out crowd. She’s a very easy character to identify with.
3: I have yet to run into a character that has half as much wit as Veronica does.
4: Its one of the few shows that I really, REALLY hate the main male lead, but I can’t help but be glad he’s in the show. Logan Echolls creates some amazing banter between himself and Veronica.
5: It’s not often that you see a really strong father figure when the protagonist is a teenage girl. Keith Mars is the perfect dad, who happens to be a bit flawed.

Pushing Daisies (October 2007-June 2009)
This romantic comedy shows us the fairy tale-like world of Ned, a man who can bring dead people back to life through the power of his touch. The same touch he must use to “kill” them after no more than a minute or another person will die. With the help of Emerson, a local PI, Ned uses his ability to solve murder cases and cash in on any rewards. But things get complicated when a murder victim turns out to be Ned’s long-lost childhood crush, Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, and he decides to break the rules and let her live.

This poor show came out at the wrong time. Right in the middle of the writers strike. The plot of this show is so unique, that I’m afraid that might have been one of the things that killed it so soon. With a high class cast of Anna Friel, Lee Pace, Chi McBride, and Kristen Chenoweth, I feel like this show was made to succeed. It was finally a new idea in the monotonous world of procedural dramas and reality television.

Reasons to Watch
1: The colors of this show is one of my favorite things about it. It’s bright but not overly cheesy.
2: Random musical numbers by Kristen Chenoweth. (she breaks out into the song “Hopelessly Devoted to You” within the first few episodes.
3: The creators did a very good job at making you want Ned and Chuck together, even though you knew if they were, Chuck would die… for good.
4: The guest stars. For a show that only lasted a grand total of 22 episodes, they had some AMAZING guest stars. Such as: Molly Shannon, David Arquette, Paul Ruebens, Autumn Reeser, Jayma Mays, and Gina Torres.
5: In the world of drama and sadness, this show was a beacon of light. Sure, it was a show about death, but they still managed to make it an over-all happy show.


What shows have been cancelled that you miss?


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