Doctor Who Series Six Recap

With Doctor who returning this next weekend, lets go through a quick recap of the episodes this season so far on Doctor Who, with small commentaries on my part. BE WARNED. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!


The Impossible Astronaut
season 6, episode 1
So, Amy, Rory, River and some guy named Canton, all get these TARDIS blue envelopes telling them to meet up with someone in Utah. They show up, the Doctor, now 1,108, tells them stetsons are cool then a creepy alien shows and makes them… wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah, an astronaut walks out of the lake and shoots the Doctor. Like dead. REALLY dead. Then Amy, River and Rory are all at a diner mourning the Doctor, when he shows up like “JK! I’m still alive!”. Not cool, man. River realizes that this Doctor is younger and that the three of them can’t tell the Doctor what really happened. Stupid paradox! They travel back to 1969 and meet up with Young!Canton Everett Delaware the Third, and go in search of a little girl who called President Nixon. Also, those creepy aliens showed… Sorry, lost my train of thought. They go to Florida in search of the little girl, only to find a warehouse with cool things in it. A battle rages and Amy finally tells the Doctor that she’s pregnant, then shoots the astronaut suit. Which happened to have the little girl inside it.


Day of the Moon
season 6, episode 2
The Doctor gets locked up, the FBI is hunting down Rory, Amy and River. Rory and Amy die and are taken to area 51. River jumps off a building but is saved by the TARDIS swimming pool after the Doctor, Amy, and Rory escape with the help from Canton. Obviously, Rory and Amy were faking it. The Doctor put some sort of recording device in everyone’s hand so that they are reminded when they see the aliens, you know, the ones they kept forgetting. Amy and Canton walk through a creepy orphanage, looking for the little girl that escaped the astronaut suit. Amy keeps seeing a lady with an eye-patch opening a panel in the wall. The Doctor attempts to break into Apollo 11 to make sure that it succeeds, and ends up recording a video making it so that all the Silence are seen by the humans and hunted down. Amy get kidnapped but is rescued by a BAMF name River Song. However, Amy forgot that she’s pregnant, and the TARDIS can’t tell us if she is or not… Maybe the Doctor needs to take the TARDIS into the shop.


Curse of the Black Spot
season 6, episode 3
So, The Doctor, Rory and Amy land on a pirate ship. It has a surprising lack of Johnny Depp, but they still manage to get into a little trouble. Black spots keep showing up on the hands of some of the sailors. Including the captains young son. A beautiful girl shows up and makes all the men act like idiots. As if men trapped at sea wouldn’t act like idiots anyway when seeing a girl. The girl takes those that are marked and makes them disappear in a puff of smoke. Amy continues to see the lady with the eye-patch as they try and solve the mystery of the siren. Rory falls overboard but the siren dives in after him. After pricking their fingers, The Doctor, Amy and the Captain, are all ‘captured’ by the Siren, only to find out that she is trying to heal all those that are getting hurt. So she’s a nice, creepy, girl that pops out of water, well that’s great. The crew is all hooked up to support systems, and after sticking her arm through a hoop, Amy convinces the siren to let her disconnect Rory, but that just makes him drown. Amy saves Rory by giving him mouth to mouth, while the captain and the Doctor find a way to steer the spaceship so that they can work in harmony with the siren. They part ways, and the Doctor continues to be baffled by the TARDIS’ scanner saying that Amy is pregnant and not pregnant at the same time.


The Doctor’s Wife
season 6, episode 4
The Doctor received a weird little box that he thought meant there was another Time Lord out there. When they arrive on a small planet, they realize that the TARDIS has been completely drained of its energy. That can’t be good. Some weird woman runs up and kisses the Doctor then calls him a thief, then bites his ear. I’m pretty sure this woman is crazy. Amy and Rory get stuck in the TARDIS, and go through a lot of alternate realities. That normally include Rory dying, or going insane. After a lot of explaining on the crazy lady’s part, we find out that this woman has the energy of the TARDIS in her. Almost akin to a soul. And man, is she a snarky little TARDIS. The Doctor and Human!TARDIS build a new TARDIS console to bring the original TARDIS back. Cause that’s not confusing. We find out that when the Doctor ran away from Gallifrey, he wasn’t the only one running. The TARDIS chose her thief. The Doctor and TARDIS work together to bring Amy and Rory back, but at a price. The TARDIS can’t remain in human form. As she died, she leaves the Doctor with one more mystery “The only water in the forest is the River”. Also, the Doctor starts a room building for Rory and Amy, no more bunkbeds for them!


The Rebel Flesh/Almost People
season 6, episode 5&6
Now that the TARDIS is fixed, surely scanning Amy would come up with a better result… WRONG! Still undecided. Curiouser and Curiouser. The TARDIS get swept up in a huge solar storm and is planted right onto an island with leaky pipes. The military group on this island uses ‘gangers’ to do all their work, so that they don’t have to worry about the radiation and other nasty stuff. Too bad the solar storm is making the gangers retain the memories of the people they’re duplicating. The gangers attack the originals, it gets difficult to tell the difference. After the originals explain the process of using the Flesh, things begin to turn in the Doctors mind. He creates a ganger of himself. Things get really confusing with all the different gangers, but the Doctor-ganger ends up sacrificing himself as they set up a sonic wave to destroy all the living flesh. Back in the TARDIS, Amy cries out in pain and the Doctor tells her that she’s having contractions. Rory steps away from Amy confused. The Doctor reassures her that they will find her wherever she is, then points his sonic at her with dissovles her into a puddle of Flesh. Amy wakes up in a pod, with eye patch lady telling her to start pushing. She’s going into labor.



A Good Man Goes to War
season 6, episode 7
So, Amy was a fake, and now the Doctor and Rory are determined to find her. But for some reason River Song won’t help. This is the day the Doctor finds out who she is. The Doctor calls in favors from all the people he has bested and now owe him, they go in search of Amy and her daughter, Melody. Melody Pond, the superhero. Amy makes a friend in a solider, who gives her a prayer leaf with her daughters name on it. Not very solider like is it? The Doctor threatens the army on Demon’s Run, convincing them to run away. Rory takes his little girl from the lady with the eye patch (now named Madame Kovarian), tries to be cool when he takes her back to Amy. The Doctor speaks baby. However, things are still going wrong. It’s a trap. The headless monks begin hunting The Doctor and his allies down, Madame Kovorian, reveals that she has fooled the Doctor twice now, with the same trick. On cue, Melody melts into a puddle of Flesh in Amy’s arms. With her baby gone, Amy tries to blame the Doctor, but knows it’s not his fault. In comes River Song. Outraged the Doctor, can’t understand why River couldn’t have helped. River stands by his cot and tries to explain. River and the Doctor share a couple of giggles and flails before the Doctor vows to find Amy’s daughter and disappears with the TARDIS. Amy demands to know what’s going on, River pauses and lets the TARDIS translate the prayer leaf for them. “The only water in the forest is the River.” River Song = Melody Pond.

So that’s what you missed on…

Up next on Doctor Who:

What I expect from the next few episodes of Doctor Who:
1: Rory to die a couple more times.
2: More mystery than answers surrounding River Song.
3: The Doctor is going to find something else that’s cool.


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