[Recap/Review] Once Upon a Time` 7:15 A.M.

Emma and Regina share a common suspicion over a newcomer to Storybrooke, while David and Mary Margaret try to cope with their feelings. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, Prince Charming’s wedding with King Midas’ daughter approaches while Snow tries to cope with her feelings.(from TV.com)

Okay, lets break this up into the Storybrooke plot and the Fairytale plot.

Storybrooke: Though I’m not normally one of those people who roots for husbands to cheat on their wives, I have a really hard time not rooting for David and Mary Margaret. I’m not happy about the fact that he’s basically leading on both women, though. It makes Storybrooke David and Fairytale James look like two completely different characters.  I did notice that this episode had hardly any Regina, Henry, or Mr. Gold in it. Though I think it worked well, at some points I felt like it was missing something. Along with Mary and David trying to fight their love for each other, the Stranger seems to be making a good impression on our fair sheriff. Let’s just hope that they don’t try to hook up too fast. It’s a bit too soon after Graham’s death.

Fairytale: The episode was definitely a Snow/Charming centric episode. Snow and Charming just can’t seem to stop falling in love with each other, as it should be. I was pleasantly surprised to get to see and know a bit more about the seven dwarves. It’s nice to have a bit of background on typically skipped over characters. Although, it was very brief, I also enjoyed getting to see Fairytale!Red for the first time, I’m really liking how they’re interweaving all the fairytales together.

Eoin Bailey (Stranger)- Okay, he’s been in one full episode now; I think it’s time we know his name, yes? I like the cocky attitude that he had, though I’m not sure how I feel about his character remaining a secret. I was actually a bit surprised at his almost instant chemistry with Emma, clearly someone that suave is up to something… right?

Alan Dale (King George)- Why is it that Alan’s characters on shows are so set on destroying people’s happiness/the world (First on The O.C. then in Ugly Betty)? I’m wondering if I should start shipping the evil ship of King George and the Evil Queen.


Mary Margaret: I just like to come here to see him.
Emma: So, you’re a stalker.
Mary Margaret: No, not really. Maybe a little bit.

Emma: We need to talk.
Stranger: Why?
Emma: Because… you’re suspicious.
Stranger: Sitting here? Out in the open, drinking coffee? Wonder what kind of hell I would have raised had I ordered a doughnut?


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One thought on “[Recap/Review] Once Upon a Time` 7:15 A.M.

  1. This is EXACTLY how I felt during last night’s episode. I don’t understand why David can’t freaking make up his mind. From his conversation with Mary Margaret, you can tell that he recognizes that his feelings for Katherine feel forced. He even specified that he remembers having feelings for her, but he KNOWS he has actual feelings for Mary Margaret. And if he can make the distinction, then WHY can’t he just MAKE a choice? I understand that his position is difficult, but at the same time, he should stop leading them both on. TELL Katherine that he still has feelings for Mary Margaret, even though he tried to resist them. Tell Mary Margaret that he told Katherine he still wants to make things work, and he’ll try to resist her. Make a freaking choice!

    (Sorry, so much anger. I don’t understand what the writers are thinking. I want to cuddle James after this episode, but I want to throttle David. It is a very confusing feeling.)

    On the other hand, I LOVED the Snow/Charming stuff. I cried when she was forced to break his heart, but I love that she put his life before everything else (granted, if she had allowed herself to be happy, it wouldn’t have lasted, since King George would have killed him). And I cheered for James when he SOMEHOW (I didn’t expect it at all – they don’t usually realize that something is terribly wrong when scenes like that are happening in front of them) figured out that Snow had been lying to him. I love that he went looking for her, and I love that he left Abigail. But then I cried again when Snow wasn’t strong enough to not take that forgetfulness potion.


    This show is going to break me. But I’m addicted nonetheless. Even when episodes like this mess with my emotions TOO EASILY.

    Great recap!

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