[Recap/Review] Switched at Birth` Les Soeurs D’Estrees

Daphne and Bay join forces to try to come up with money to pay off Emmett’s fine for his arrest so he can save his motorcycle. When selling cupcakes doesn’t bring in the money she hopes, Daphne takes matters into her own hands and lies to the Kennishes about losing her hearing aids. Regina catches Daphne, who has apologizes to Kathryn for her deceit.

Meanwhile, Toby and Wilke recruit Simone to work on their music video. Simone flirts with Toby, while Wilke continues to give Daphne the cold shoulder after getting rejected. Kathryn and John hire a young new lawyer for their lawsuit against the hospital. They also find out the hard way that Angelo never knew that Regina had learned about the switch. Regina starts to question Angelo’s motives and wonders about going into business with him.

Despite their best efforts, the friends don’t raise enough money, and Emmett has no choice but to sell his bike to pay the fine. After giving his mom the money for the fine, Emmett breaks the news to Melody that he’s moving in with his dad. Regina goes to return her key to Angelo, but he explains that he understands her decision not to tell him, and they kiss. (from ABC Family)

Raise your hand if you think that Angelo and Simone are up to something? *raises hand*
Raise your hand if you think Emmett overreacted a little bit? *raises hand*
Raise your hand if you still love this show? *raises hand*

This was the one episode where I kind of felt bad for Melody. I understand her trying to teach Emmett a lesson, and that he needed to take responsibility for his actions. For him to just come out and say that he was going to move in with his dad, that broke my heart.

It was nice to see Bay and Daphne actually working together toward something. Even Emmett was impressed that they showed up at his house together. When Daphne lied to the Kennish’s, I knew it was going to end badly. I didn’t expect Kathryn to blame Bay for it though. I’m not saying she deserves “Bad Mom of the Year” award, but automatically assuming that Bay was to blame, that’s just mean.

As for Regina and Angelo, I just think it’s doomed to fail. In a heartbreaking and terrible way. Angelo is up to something, and he’s using Regina to get it.

Melody – Poor Melody. Last week, I really didn’t like her. This week I just feel bad for her.

Angelo – I’m a bit torn on my feelings for this character. One part of me wants him to be a good guy and wants his feelings for Regina to be real. That part also wants him to patch things up with Daphne and Bay, so that everyone can be happy (clearly, this is the bright and shiny side of my brain). The other part of me, wants to know what he’s up with and yelled at her TV screen when Angelo and Regina started kissing.

Wilke – I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I really, REALLY love his name sign. He was another character I felt really bad for this episode. He really seems to like Daphne, and she just brushed him off. I really hope they keep him a little humanized, and not just use him as the snarky friend who is a womanizer. That’s been done to death.


Daphne: Hey I’m the deaf one, I said 5 bucks!


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I’m beginning to realize that this show is a bit different than the other shows I’m reviewing. Just a fair warning: I’m going to be switching things up randomly on this show’s reviews until I find something that sticks.


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