[Recap/Review] Once Upon A Time` Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

A dejected Sidney enlists the aid of Emma to help uncover evidence that could expose Mayor Regina as the corrupt person she really is to the townspeople of Storybrooke; and Mary Margaret and David continue their secret rendezvous while trying to figure out a way to unleash their unrequited love. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, King Leopold, who is the father of Snow White and married to the Evil Queen, stumbles upon a magic lamp and is granted three wishes by a Genie – who warns the king to be careful what he wishes for. (Summary from IMDB.com)

This was a filler episode. It had to be a filler episode. That has to be the reason that I really didn’t like this episode. With the small exception of more plot for The Stranger, this episode left me just… blah. I was actually kind of excited to know more about Sidney Glass/The Magic Mirror, but I didn’t like how they went about it. Finding out that The Magic Mirror used to be The Genie of the Lamp, put too many personalities on one man. Though, the idea of having the Magic Mirror be in love with the Evil Queen was a nice twist. I felt like putting The Genie in this episode was a way for the creators to introduce The Genie and then never have to go back to him.

I’m skipping the Guest Star & Quote section this week to bring in a speculation section. Primarily, because this series has a lot to speculation involved. Mostly about the mysterious stranger.

In talking to a handful of my friends about the stranger (I need to give major props to Eion Bailey for keeping the mystery), one theory is standing out more than the others. Most everyone thinks that The Stranger (we really need to find out his name) is the author of the fairy tales. Perhaps, a Mr. Grimm? Considering how this past episode ended, I have to say that that seems spot on. In addition to the ending of the episode, Ask Ausiello reported a little while ago that “In the next few episodes, the Mysterious Stranger With the Typewriter’s agenda “becomes clearer,” teases co-creator Adam Horowitz, “as we realize he has designs on Emma — both romantically and for another reason related to the curse and more specifically to Henry’s story book.” It all seems to add up to him being the books author.


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One thought on “[Recap/Review] Once Upon A Time` Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

  1. I wanted to call it at filler episode too, but I think the writers considered it important because of the Regina background. I don’t understand its purpose though. It looked like they were trying to make us sympathize with her for a bit because of the way Leopold treated her (though he didn’t exactly treat her badly… Just the reading her diary and wanting to kill the man she would have had feelings for thing. But I now have a feeling that Regina wrote that diary entry with the intention of leaving it out somewhere for him to find, so that he could question the genie and the genie would give up everything for her and play into her little evil plans). But then they had her turn around a be a bitch, and Sidney CHOSE to be her bitch and dammit, everyone and everything was just SO annoying. I’ll give them props for creativity with the story behind the mirror, but I still felt like I wasted so much time watching this episode.

    I guess it comes down to the fact that I don’t care to see the evil queen be more bitchy than usual. I love the other characters, and I love their backstories, but hers always end up trying to play the pity card and ending up with her being ruthless and still somehow winning and it’s just frustrating to watch. I want to see Emma have the upperhand at least once. I want to know why Regina is such a bitch, but I don’t want 40 minutes dedicated to her being a bitch and nothing else really happening. (Does that make sense? Because it’s all I felt yesterday.)

    (I swear, I never curse. This episode has destroyed me.)

    I am really intrigued by this stranger and the fact that he even noticed Henry and his book. I had no idea he would have something to do with Emma related to the curse though. That’s really interesting.

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