“I’m Gonna Risk It”…. on The Finder.

When Hart Hanson announced last year that he wanted to do a Bones spin-off I was a bit upset. Mostly because, for me that meant that he was seeing the end of my beloved Bones and was wanting to get under his next project before it capsized. Not having Bones on my television would break my heart, even though I know it has to end eventually. I’m not ready for it to end yet.

I still wasn’t convinced after the backdoor pilot aired in the spring of last year. I liked Geoff Stults and Michael Clark Duncan, but it didn’t really grab me right off. Though, truth be told, I’m pretty sure a lot of that was my own defensiveness over Bones talking.

Now with four episodes watched and re-watched, I think I may have underestimated this show. I’m actually pretty intrigued with it. I’m especially intrigued with the fact that it’s surprisingly different than Bones.

Geoff Stults plays Walter Sherman, aka The Finder. He finds things. That’s just what he does. He’s a bit… off. Walter is an Iraq war vet who was known for finding enemies who didn’t want to be found. Unfortunately, while serving in Iraq, an IED found him first and resulted in severe brain damage with an unusual effect. An ability to find the unfindable. Whether you’re looking for your keys, a dead body, a missing parent or a lucky guitar pick. Walter can find it. Or he’ll die trying.

With his team of misfits and a handy friend in law enforcement, Walter finds things. Which sometimes lands him in a bit of trouble.

  • Leo Knox is Walter’s best friend, lawyer, and partner-in-arms. It’s Leo’s job to keep Walter out of trouble. It usually doesn’t work, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Leo is also the owner of the Ends of the Earth Bar where most of their business is conducted.
  • Willa Monday, also works at this bar– as part of her probation. To me, it seems like Willa is trying her hardest to prove the courts right, that she’s a crook and a not worth saving. Leo and Walter however, seem to think that she’s worth trying to save.
  • Lastly, we have Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambada. Isabel and Walter have an on-again/off-again relationship that rarely works on television, but seems to work for this show. As a federal agent, Isabel tends to fight herself on whether or not to trust Walter. Even though he tends to do things to help her career.
The main difference that I’m seeing between the Bones and The Finder, is the main characters. I hate spin offs where the main characters are all the same (Don’t try and convince me that there aren’t spin offs like that out there. Because there are). Walter and Brennan are fairly different. Where Brennan wants to know why things happen and how they happen. Walter just wants to find what he’s looking for. He has no emotional attachment to the case at all. He was hired to find something, if he happens run across an illegal drug ring while doing so, oh well.With the impending crossovers from Bones, The Finder seems to be drawing the right crowd for this show. Even without seeing Bones this show is worth the look.QUOTES

Walter: I think you are one of the finest men who ever lived…next to Jesus and Cal Ripken, Jr.


Sweets: Do you talk to inanimate objects?
Walter: Yes, often. But they never respond…rude.


Walter: I’m gonna risk it.


Walter: What happens if I trip and fall on it?
Leo: This is America, we sue.


Walter: I said no because Frank is a lying, lying face


Walter: Don’t give me cop face. Friends don’t give friends cop face.

Check out The Finder on Thursday nights on Fox. Catch up on Hulu.com

One thought on ““I’m Gonna Risk It”…. on The Finder.

  1. finding enemies who did want to be found I think you’re missing a “not” in there?

    This sounds really interesting. I’ve never watched Bones…and I’m not big on the Crime Scene investigation thing…but the quotes are really funny!

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