[Recap/Review] Once Upon a Time` Skin Deep

After Mr. Gold’s house is robbed, Emma keeps a close eye on him when it looks like he wants to track down the criminal and dole out some vigilante justice as payback, and Valentine’s Day finds Mary Margaret, Ruby and Ashley having a girls’ night out. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Belle agrees to a fateful deal to give up her freedom in order to save her town from the horrors of the Ogre war.(from IMDB)

I had to go into this episode with out comparing it to the Disney movie (which is one of my favorites EVER). I was a bit surprised that aside from Mr. Gold beating Mr. French (was that really his name?), not much happened in Storybrooke world until the very end. In Fairytaleland, however, we learn a LOT about dear ol’ Rumplestiltskin. Mostly that the trickster, has a heart. Not only does have a heart, but that heart beats for Belle. It was interesting seeing Rumple a bit flustered and twitterpated (for lack of a better word). It was also nice to see him as more than just the trickster trying to out do the evil queen. Of course, back in Storybrooke, it’s confirmed that Mr. Gold does know who he is, and that Regina will stop at nothing to make sure she continues to get her way. Even if that means locking Belle up.

Robert Carlyle Rumplestiltskin : This was his episode through and through. His character continues to walk that fine line between good and evil. It’s difficult to play that kind of ambiguity, and even more difficult to maintain it through a series.

Emilie de Ravin Belle: Though I did find her accent a bit distracting, I did like her as Belle. She wasn’t my IDEAL Belle, but she did better than I thought she would. I think I may have enjoyed her performance more had I seen her in Lost.

I was rather impressed with the amount of chemistry that these two had. Belle and Rumple seemed to genuinely care for one another. Despite my original distaste for this pairing, they grew on me through the episode. I could see where Belle was coming from as the relationship grew and gave a more humanizing look at Rumple. Belle being there allowed us to see that the man is still in there, he’s not all trickster.

I have to give a quick fangirl moment to seeing Sage Brocklebank from Psych. It was awesome seeing him as Gaston.

Now that we know that both Gold and Regina know who they are, what does this mean for the rest of Storybrooke? I’m wondering if the fight between the two of them is going to get so heated that the rest of the characters in Storybrooke are just going to be caught in the middle. Also, when Gold finds out about Belle (because EVENTUALLY he has to, right?), what is he going to do to Regina. We’ve seen how he reacts when things are taken that mean a lot to him. If Belle really is his Achilles’ heel, how will he react to Regina locking her up?

As for Mary Margret and David, I just can’t support this relationship if he’s going to continue to drag both Mary Margret and Kathryn along. It’s not fair and it’s REALLY not right. When Kathryn finds out (which is next week), there is going to be a serious cat fight that will most likely end with David getting neither of them.


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