[Recap&Review] Switched at Birth` Protect Me From What I Want

Coach Medlock holds a contest to decide the starting lineup for the Buckner girls’ basketball playoff game. Simone hires a private coach with the money she got from selling the watch she thought was stolen. Daphne tells Simone that they should tell someone the watch wasn’t stolen but Simone refuses. Coach Medlock later puts Daphne and Simone up against each other for a spot on the lineup.

Regina meets Patrick, an art gallery owner, at her salon, and he agrees to meet with Bay. But he ends up showing more interest in Regina’s old art pieces.

Kathryn learns that Emmett has an assignment to take a family portrait and offers up their family for the photo shoot, despite Bay’s protests. Emmett becomes upset after a portrait meeting with Kathryn when she mentions Bays relationship with Ty. Bay eases Emmett’s jealousy over Ty after he takes their family portrait. (paraphrased from abcfamily.com)

Finally, we get to see some interaction between Emmett and the rest of the Kennish family. In addition to that, we learn about how Emmett is dealing with his parents divorce. Toby also got a lot of screen time this episode, which was great. I want to keep getting to know the big brother, and I liked that he stood up to his dad. John really needs to be taken down off his high horse a little bit (I can’t be the only one who kept having High School Musical 2 flashbacks when John and Toby went to the baseball charity). Major props to Regina for beginning to teach Bay that rejection is part of being an artist. It’s a lot more helpful than piling on the platitudes. Everything that went on with Daphne and Simone just made me root for Daphne more. I knew that Simone was bad news.

This section is actually going to be more about the growth of some of the characters in this episode.

Simone: Thankfully she finally showed us why she and Bay are not friends anymore. One moment she’s helping Daphne and calling her “my girl”. The next moment she’s done a 180 and she’s making fun of Daphne for being deaf. I was very proud of how Daphne handled the sudden change in her new friend. I am wondering when Simone is going to make Toby pick between his sisters and her. I just have a feeling that it’s going to happen soon.

Bay: Aside from her learning how difficult it is being an artist and dealing with rejection, there was one scene where we really see how much she has changed. When she and Emmett were sitting outside, and Emmett asked if they were going to fall out of love, Bay paused and started to ask something but stopped herself to focus on him. A few episodes ago, she would have made the situation all about her. But at that moment, she realized that Emmett needed her more and dropped her thought to focus on him. It was one of the first times that we’ve seen her focus on him when she has other craziness going on in her life. In other (more fangirl reaction worthy) news: THEY SAID THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!

It was nice to see some good interaction between Bay and Daphne this episode. The past few episodes have been pretty focused on how different these girls are. They’re really not all that different. They’re pretty similar, and when they come together to try and figure something out, it’s always beautiful. I hope that the creators continue to keep these girls on the path to being friends. Or at least something similar to friends.


Watch full episodes of Switched at Birth at abcfamily.com.


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