[Recap&Review] Switched at Birth` The Art of Painting

Daphne and Wilke are named athletes of the month at Buckner, but when Daphne discovers the Carlton basketball team may be cut she has a change of heart about playing for Buckner. Meanwhile, Kathryn undermines John and their new lawyer Craig by selling her car and secretly giving some of the money to Brizia (the nurse from the night of the switch).

Emmett continues to struggle with speech therapy, and Olivia suggests an unusual way to help him relax. Bay becomes worried about his new living situation with his dad and lax girlfriend, who offers Emmett whiskey to help his speech. When Bay realizes Emmett’s lack of interest in school she confides in Melody, which ultimately makes things awkward between Bay and Emmett.

Patrick (the art gallery owner) invites Regina to put her masks and some other art pieces in his gallery opening. However, when Regina discovers the Patrick used her family’s switched at birth story to help sell her pieces, she’s less than thrilled. Luckily, Regina makes up with Patrick, and he tells her that some of her art was sold. (from abcfamily.com)

A lot seemed to happen in this episode. I’m going to break it down into characters:
Let’s start with John and Kathryn. I normally tend to get bored with their storylines. I know that them dealing with the hospital and it’s mistake is one of the central parts of this series, but in every episode, they only take a little baby step closer. However, I was really happy with Kathryn in this episode. Even if it was against her lawyers advice, I still fully support her giving that money to Briza. I think it showed that Kathryn cares about more than just getting the hospital to admit their guilt about the switch. She really wants everyone to win.

Next, Regina. As awkward as it must have been for Regina to invite Bay to the art show, I’m very glad that she did and that she explained to Bay that it was nothing personal. At the art show, Regina showed us that she may be new to being in a gallery, but that didn’t mean that she was going to be walked all over. The exchange between her and Bay about the masks Regina made, was one of the most touching moments of the series in my opinion. If there was one thing I think this series needs to work on a bit more it’s giving Bay and Regina more airtime together.

Moving on to Daphne. After kicking Simone’s trash in the try-outs, I was glad to see her get Female Athlete of the Month. Though if it were me and I had to try to convince sponsors to give me their money, I’d turn it down in a heart beat. When she went back to Carlton, I was glad to see it. I really want to see more of her and Wilke together. I think they work surprisingly well together (even if he isn’t learning to sign, which does still bug me).

Now, Emmett & Family. Emmett is not taking this divorce thing very well. Having a super lax “chaperone” doesn’t help. When Olivia offered Emmett the whiskey to relax him, my jaw dropped. This woman is not a very good role model. I’m all for letting your kids make their own mistakes, but thrusting a drink in their hands isn’t going to help. Emmett’s dad seems to be oblivious to everything going on. This was the episode that I was actually cheering Melody on. I’m not saying that I agree with everything that she’s done with Emmett, but out of the two households, Emmett is safer and better off with Melody. It may just take a little while for Emmett to realize that.

Lastly, we’ve got all the stuff Bay went through. You have to give the girl props for talking to Melody. She knew that it was going to be hard, but she did it anyway. Having her and Melody actually get along was fantastic! I’m not saying that Melody is going to fall in love with Bay and fully support her and Emmett’s relationship, but at least this way she sees what Emmett sees. Bay really swallowed her pride a lot in this episode. First with Melody, then at the art show. All of this is showing her growth to places that after the first episode I wasn’t even sure she’d ever get to.

Blame the Deaf Culture nerd in me for this, but my favorite part of this episode and the scene that stands out the most to me is the fight between Emmett’s parents. I love that this scene shows a conversation completely in ASL. As someone who is familiar with the language, it’s fun to see that we use about twice as many words to say a sentence as they do to sign. There are about half as many signs in this exchange as there are words. But even with no sound, the passion and anger in this scene was amazing.


Watch full episodes of Switched at Birth on abcfamily.com.


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