[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Television Characters I Would Trade Lives With

inspired by Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday

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5. Juliet O’Hara | Psych
Jules is one of those characters that, when you look at her, you assume she’s not going to be as awesome as she is. She’s accepting of Shawn’s interesting “talent,” deals with Lassiter being crazy and isn’t afraid to stand up for things that she’s passionate about. Plus, she and Shawn have excellent chemistry!

4. Piper Halliwell | Charmed
Piper was one of the first (not animated) characters I ever wanted to be when I grew up. She was smart, didn’t take crap from anyone, and still remained very down to earth and real. She was always the character that I identified with the most (and still do when I have a rewatch). On top of all her amazing attributes, add her power to freeze/blow up things, and the fact that the Piper/Leo romance was one of my first television ships ever… I would trade lives with Piper in a heartbeat.

3. Veronica Mars | Veronica Mars
Oh Veronica, aside from having severe commitment issues and always going for the wrong guy, I admire your spunk and can-do attitude. If you ever watch Veronica Mars you’ll notice that because of how much I’ve watched this series, I tend to speak like she does. Veronica is one of those characters that you would want to be friends with, but at the same time, be afraid of her awesomeness.

2. Donna Noble | Doctor Who
Being new to the Whoniverse, Donna quickly became one of my favorite characters after her guest appearance in the Doctor Who holiday episode. When they brought her back in season four, she endeared herself to me because she was the first compainion for the Doctor that had no romantic feelings for him. All she wanted was adventure. She was also the first of the companions that wasn’t afraid to tell the Doctor when he was being an idiot (which, let’s face it, is often). If that meant that I had to forget the Doctor to go on the adventure, I’d still do it. I’d still switch lives with Donna easily.

1. Claudia Donovan | Warehouse 13
Raise your hand if you’re surprised by this. No one? If there was ever a character that I would want to be more than anyone, it would be Claudia Donovan. She has an awesome job and team, and gets to do all the nerdy things that I love to do. I tend to like the snarky and sarcastic (snarcastic?) characters, ones that know when to stand up for themselves and how to make an awkward situation less awkward (though it doesn’t always work). Claudia is no different. On top of being snarcastic, she’s also a techie and a quotes a lot of pop culture things (sound like someone you know?). If you need more convincing as to why Claudia is an amazing character check out these few videos.

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