[Recap&Review] Castle` Once Upon a Crime

When a woman dressed as Red Riding Hood is found dead in the woods with claw marks covering her body, and soon after a murdered Snow White is discovered with a poison apple in her hand, Castle & Beckett find themselves on a Grimm hunt to catch a fairytale killer before he kills again. But nothing is as it seems in a case filled with deceit, betrayal, secrets and murder.( from IMDB.com)

Once Upon a Crime… on the same channel that hosts Once Upon a Time. I see what you did there, ABC. Again, I have to hand it to the Castle writers for knowing how to pace a season. With last week’s two-parter, gut-wrenching episode, they give us a slightly lighter episode. Not to say that this plot wasn’t engaging. I really liked this episode. It had a bit of fun in it with the fairy tale aspect, but it wasn’t so insanely goofy that it didn’t feel like a real Castle episode.

The mystery itself was interesting, but I think the reason I liked this episode so much because of the Martha story. We saw Martha more in this episode than we usually do. In addition to that, we got to see where Castle got his dramatic streak from (as if it was a mystery). Sure the fairy tale aspect of the crime was engaging and a little silly, but Martha was the episode’s pull for me.

Really, the best scene of the episode was the last few moments where Martha is performing her encore of her one woman show, showing a lot of heart and a bit of sass. Plus, you can’t forget this part of the scene:

(from tumblr)

I know, I’m letting my shipper show, but the fact that Beckett grabbed for Castle’s hand and not the other way around shows that she’s growing. She wanted to be out of the rut that investigating her mother’s murder had put her in. This was definetely a step in that direction.


Beckett: Castle, that is a very reasonable and grounded theory.
Castle: I know… frankly I’m a little disappointed in myself.

Castle (to Beckett): You get cute when you get angry. Not when you get angry with me.

I can’t find a video for the coming up… if anyone can point me in the right direction, that’d be awesome!
According to IMDB, the next episode of Castle is to air March 19th 2012.

If you need to catch up on the episode go to abc.com.
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