[Recap&Review] Switched at Birth` To Write a Lonely Solider

Bay learns that a helicopter from her ex-boyfriend Ty’s military unit went down, but the names of those killed in the crash haven’t been released. Emmett becomes jealous when he discovers Bay has been emailing Ty in Afghanistan. Bay eventually learns that Ty was not in the crash, and she tells him that she is seeing Emmett.

Craig learns that someone gave Brizia a large sum of money, and Kathryn confesses that it was from her. Kathryn teams up with Craig to find out how Angelo learned that Brizia was the nurse who made the switch in the first place, but they are met with dead ends.

Daphne unintentionally gets Travis, a Carlton student, fired from his job in the gym. She scores him a job at John’s carwash, but he is fired when he loses his temper after a customer says something offensive about his deafness. Daphne visits him at home and they make up after she realizes he has no one to connect with because his family refuses to learn sign language. Daphne wonders if she’ll ever really connect with Wilke, who also can’t sign.

Meanwhile, Simone sabotages a Guitar Face appearance in order to get Toby to play a solo gig, but Toby figures out her scheme. (from abcfamily.go.com)

With the title of the episode, I was preparing myself for a Bay heartbreak. I was pretty sure that Ty was going to have been killed in the war. Surprisingly, I’m glad that he wasn’t. I don’t want Ty back on the show, but I also don’t see any reason they should kill off his character. The revelation that Ty and Bay had been e-mailing each other was a bit unwelcome. I could kind of see Emmett’s point when he got upset with Bay for keeping the e-mail’s a secret. Especially when she says that she hasn’t told Ty about them dating. Bad Bay… but she’s a bit distraught so maybe we can cut her a little slack?

I can’t really be mad at Travis for telling Daphne exactly what we have all been thinking when it comes to Wilke. The fact that Wilke hasn’t learned ONE sign really bothers me. Sure, he’s cute and that gets him a little slack, but when you’re dating someone deaf, you have to at least make an effort to learn the language. However, I can be mad at Travis for treating Daphne like she was a terrible person. Luckily, Daphne has become pretty apt at handleing situations like that. Hopefully, Travis will learn something from her.

When it comes to the Toby and Simone stuff, I just want to grab Toby by the shoulders and yell for him to see the big picture. She seems to want the best for him and his music, but she’s just so manipulative. The fact that Daphne and Bay haven’t said anything to Toby about all the crap she’s done to them speaks volumes for their characters. It’s nice to see Toby get a little bit of depth to his character. With every episode, we learn a little bit more.


I’ve noticed that there is always a moment in the episodes that stands out the most to me.

The moment when both Daphne and Bay walk into John’s office and start to ask him for a favor. Both of them asking “Hey Dad, can I–“, only to be cut off by the other one. John’s reaction was just as good as he asked them to go one at a time. We find out that John has contacted his friend in the military to try and find out about Ty, as Bay goes to leave, Daphne asks her to keep her informed. It’s a short but special moment in the sense that finally these girls are not at each other’s throats.




Catch up on past episodes of Switched at Birth at abcfamily.com.


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