[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Actors/Actresses I Will Follow to Other Projects

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Five Actors/Actresses I Will Follow to Other Projects

I have this habit of falling in love with actors and actresses. Obviously, it’s a one sided love affair, but that doesn’t keep me from watch anything that they’re in.

[Note: These may come off a little stalker-like. I’m sorry…]

Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping has always been one a woman on television that I admire. I mostly remember watching her in Stargate SG-1, where she was the only woman on the team. One of the things that I’ve discovered later in the fandom is that Amanda could have very nearly lost her role as Sam Carter on SG-1. When she was cast and they brought her in for a fitting, they had her in push-up bra and a tiny tank top. Amanda knew, even then, that this look was not Sam Carter. She took it to the producers saying that this wasn’t the character that she had auditioned for*. Since then, Amanda has continued to play and create wonderful role models for women and stay very grounded. Because of her role as Sam Carter, I’ve followed her to Sanctuary and Reise.*source


David Blue

I honestly don’t know why more people don’t follow this guy. I first saw him when he guested as Cliff St. Paul on Ugly Betty. He was in exactly seven episodes in that entire series, but that was all it took for me to cling to him. I continued to follow him to Moonlight (though the main draw for that show was Jason Dohring), where he played an uber geek vampire. What can I say? I have a think for geeky characters. Especially geeky characters where the actors are geeks themselves. Which I found out later, was exactly what David Blue was. When it was announced that there would be another spin-off from Stargate ( titled Stargate: Universe) I was a bit skeptical. However, when I found out that David would be part of the cast, I had a little bit more faith in it. Since the cancellation of SG:U, I’ve had to make due with following David’s tweets on twitter and hoping for a day that I can go to a convention and meet him.


Kristen Bell

Since first watching her on Veronica Mars, I’ve followed her everywhere. From other tv series (House of Lies) to movies (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, When in Rome, You Again, Fanboys). All of these things are amazing in their own way. But my favorite thing is when she guest stars on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. These two play off of each other so well and it is always incredibly hilarious when she comes on to visit. Mostly because, a lot of the time, she comes on the show for no reason other than to visit.


Nathan Fillion

I admire that this man is not ashamed of how nerdy he is. Nathan Fillion understands what made him the fantastic actor he is, he appreciates all the fans and fandoms, and continues to impress us all with his complete geek. Proving that not only can he be ruggedly handsome, sing on top of a moving vehicle, and creep us out beyond belief during Buffy, but he can also be a full blow, out and proud geek to the core.


Zachary Levi

Are you seeing a pattern? I like nerds. Zachary Levi started a company called “The Nerd Machine“. After watching him for 5 years on Chuck (a completely underrated TV show) and hearing him sing, I am excited to see where he goes next. He’s an incredibly talented actor. For now I’m making due with following him on twitter until he shows up on my tv screen again.


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