[Recap&Review] Once Upon A Time` Dreamy

Mary Margaret teams up with Leroy, Storybrooke’s resident trouble maker, to help him sell candles during the Miner’s Day Festival. Emma investigates Kathryn’s sudden disapperance. Meanwhile, in the fairy-tale land that was, the Seven Dwarfs is made known as well as Grumpy’s romance with the beautiful yet clumsy fairy Nova.(fromIMDB.com)

This episode reminded me of what this show does really well. Giving little known fairy tale characters, fantastic background and depth. The only thing we knew aboug the character Grumpy was that he was…. well, grumpy. From the animated classic, we never knew much more than that. Once Upon a Time let us see a lot more of this character.

Storybrooke: In Storybrooke we have Leory, a grouchy drunk who doesn’t want to help anyone. He just wants to be left alone. That is until he meets Astrid. A charming young woman, just wanting to stay in Storybrooke. Leroy teams up with Mary Margaret, to sell the nun’s candles to pay for their rent. However, the people of Storybrooke don’t seem to want to by candles from the town harlot and town drunk. Leroy and Mary Margaret working together was great. It showed us a little hint of the Snow/Grumpy friendship that we see later on in the Fairytale. After striking out with Mr. Gold, Leroy proves himself the hero of the episode by knocking out all the lights during the Miner’s Day Festival, creating a need for everyone to buy candles. Meanwhile, Emma and Sidney search for the missing Katherine, with David being their primary suspect. I may not like David very much, but I don’t think that he would do anything to hurt Katherine.

Fairytale: Well, we learned a lot about dwarves. First, dwarves are hatched from eggs. Second, there are not female dwarves. Third, fairydust is made from the ground up diamonds that dwarves mine. Lastly, dwarves don’t fall in love. That is unless they’re sprinkled with a little fairydust before they’re hatched. Dreamy, was said dwarf. The transition from Dreamy to Grumpy was exactly what I was looking for in this story. We knew that he was Grumpy from other episodes, but when given the name Dreamy it caused us to think “Huh, okay. So how does he become Grumpy?” I liked that both Dreamy and Nova had similar stories. Both wanting to break out and do something unknown. Get out and see the world. Both eventually realizing that leaving would disrupt everything that they had been working for. The transformation of Dreamy to Grumpy was one of the most heartwrenching scenes from the night.

And a quick flailing moment when seeing Belle again. It was nice to see that they aren’t just going to leave her in the dust. It also, allows us to put together some sort of timeline.

Amy Acker (Nova/Astrid) – When I saw that it was her, I knew I’d like this episode. I adored her as Fred in Angel, and seeing her in this episode made me love her even more. Amy’s performance of the clumsy but gentle Nova was adorable, and reminded me a lot of the first few episodes she was in of Angel. She has this childlike innocence about her that make her instantly appealing.

Lee Arenberg (Leroy/Grumpy/Dreamy) – It always takes me a minute to stop seeing him as Pintel from Pirates of the Caribbean. Once I get past that, I find myself incredibly interested in his character. He was pretty good at drawing the focus in this episode. For someone who is (generally) in the background, being able to pull focus like that is pretty awesome.



  • Speaking of timelines, check out the weekly Once Upon a Time podcast, Once where they put all the fairytale and Storybrooke stories into a timeline to keep things straight.
  • Catch up on missed episodes at abc.com

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