[Recap&Review] Switched at Birth` Game On

Bay is caught in the middle of Emmett’s custody battle; Daphne plays in an important basketball game between Carlton and Buckner.(from abcfamily.com)

I hated everything that the adults put Bay through this week. She’s barely 16, having the pressure of testifying against Emmett’s dad is a lot. It was wrong for Melody to ask her to do that, especially without consulting Regina and Kathryn first. Add that to the fact that Bay is trying to keep things good with Emmett. That is a lot for one girl to carry. I’m very proud of her for going to Emmett’s dad about Olivia. And for standing up for Emmett, making it clear that she’s just trying to help, she doesn’t care who “wins”, as long as Emmett is safe.

Speaking of Emmett, that poor boy is in serious need of some therapy. As a child of separated parents, I understand the reaction to blame yourself for everything that is going on. I also understand the assumption that a parent doesn’t want you. Which is why that part was so utterly heartcrushing. I have to agree with Bay when she says that Emmett is kind of blind to the situation. All he sees is that his dad doesn’t want him, so he lashes out. I have a feeling this is all going to be really bad for Melody.

Daphne’s drama with basketball kind of fell short against the angst of Emmett’s family drama. I was very happy to see them show how much the Deaf Community supports each other. Daphne’s statement about being in such a small community and how when she’s sees another deaf person, they’re instant friends, was a wonderful explanation about the community. Her conversation with Simone made me actually like Simone for a moment. Even though I did believe that Simone was the one to turn Daphne in, I’m glad that she wasn’t.

As for the last scene, I’m completely positive that Emmett just needed someone who wasn’t tied to his parents. And Simone just… needed someone. That doesn’t excuse it at all, but in emotional teenager land, it makes sense. It broke my heart into a million little pieces, but it makes sense.

The stand out moment for me with this episode was the conversation Bay had with Emmett’s Dad. During this conversation, I realized how much sign she really has learned. It’s really interesting to show how difficult communication is between a deaf and hearing person, especially when emotions are flying and it’s difficult to slow yourself down or remember signs. This scene was emotional and really let Bay shine. She showed how much really cares about how Emmett is doing and if he’s safe.


See sneak peeks and catch up on missed episodes at abcfamily.com.


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