[Recap&Review] Once Upon A Time ` Red-Handed

Emma takes on a depressed Ruby as her assistant, in the hopes it will show her the good things in life. David is questioned about Kathryn’s disappearance (and possible murder). The back story of Red Riding Hood is revealed as well as her yearning to run away with her true love and her village’s virtual imprisonments when a bloody thirsty wolf begins a unyielding killing spree.

Okay OUaT, you’re winning me back. These past two episodes have been really amazing. But, here’s the thing, I find myself caring 10 times more about the fairytale characters than I do their Storybrooke counterparts.

Storybrooke: With Kathryn still missing, it makes sense that the prime suspects would be David and Mary Margret. I may not be very happy with how the relationship between Mary and David had progressed (and then ended), but I think both characters are a bit to passive to commit any act of physical violence. As for Ruby, it was nice to see her somewhere other than the diner. We learned a lot about Ruby this week. Particularly that she is much more than just a pretty face and sharp wit, she was actually pretty good with helping Emma. When small things like, Ruby’s sharp hearing, bleed through the spell from the fairytale it reminds us how much each of them is connected.

Raise your hand if you think David’s heart is in the box! *raises hand*

Fairytale: I really loved this twist on the story of Little Red Riding Hood, in addition to that, how they managed to connect a few stories together. Making Snow and Red become fast friends was a fantastic idea. I can’t wait to see how Snow goes from being the timid princess, to the snarky thief. I think that lying to Granny was one of the first steps. Turning the wolf of the story into a werewolf wasn’t something I was expecting, but it was something that they pulled off really well. Which is difficult to do in today’s TV since nearly everything is vampires and werewolves.

My favorite part of the episode was the way that the writers mislead the audience by adding appearances from August and Dr. Whale (do we know his fairytale counterpart?). Having appearances by those two kept us looking for a way they could be in Red’s story. It allowed us to be somewhat surprised when we find out it’s neither of them.

The clear top performance of the night was Meghan Ory who played Red/Ruby. She’s been the background character for a while. We all knew that eventually she’d get her own story so we’ve all been waiting. She did not disappoint. Meghan had the perfect blend of innocence and strength while playing Red, and the equally perfect blend of confidence and self-doubt while playing Ruby.



  • Check out the weekly Once Upon a Time podcast, Once. In addition to the discussion, they also put all the fairytale and Storybrooke stories into a timeline to keep things straight.
  • Catch up on missed episodes at abc.com

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