[Recap&Review] Switched at Birth` Venus, Cupid, Folly & Time

Bay discovers Emmett’s secret. (from ABCfamily.com)

I feel like the easiest way to break up this episode is by characters. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the easiest way to break up this show in general.

Let’s start with John and Kathryn. John sure knows how to hold a grudge. Not only that, he continues to belittle Kathryn for her “mistake”. While I understand where John is coming from, the fact that he keeps bringing it up, annoys me. Their marriage isn’t perfect, but he’s not even trying to work through it. As for Kathryn, we all thought it was going to be John who cheated. Low and behold, Kathryn came dangerously close to crossing that line she kept assuming John had already crossed.

Next, Regina. I have to give Regina major props for saying everything she did to Angelo. She’s really grown in the few episodes he’s been gone (see below for more about this part). In addition to that, it was nice to get a little Bay&Regina time this episode. It’s not often we see this mother/daughter duo together. It needs to happen more in my opinion.

Now, we move onto Daphne. I was a little surprised at the feelings I had when she invited Travis to the prom. I expected to be annoyed and upset. Instead, I was intrigued. Though finding out that Wilke was going to boarding school was sad. I really wish that didn’t have to happen. I really liked the way those two worked together. But I guess if he has to leave, Travis would be an okay replacement. Her heartbreaking part of last night’s story was realizing that Emmett was lying to her. He’s her best friend, and he lied. And of course, she knew. Speaking from experience, that is not a happy feeling, knowing your best friend is lying to you.

Speaking of Emmett, I have to say, his proposal for prom, was adorable. It was perfect. Ialso have to give the boy a little bit of credit for actually telling Bay. He could have continued to hide it and just let her find out by herself, but he plucked up the courage to tell her. Granted it was after Daphne found out, but still, it happened. You can tell he feels terrible, you can see it in his eyes, that doesn’t make up for the fact that he cheated, but at least he feels bad.

Lastly, we have Bay (I think I always save her for last, not sure why). Poor, poor Bay. I know a lot of people think that she’s spoiled and selfish, but in the past few episode or so, everything for her has been hitting the fan. I really wanted her to learn about Simone, but I also really wanted her to have and episode where she could just be happy with Emmett. I don’t really think that’s going to happen. In the last scene, I really thought she was going to push Emmett’s bike in the lake, not just her helmet.

The stand out scene for me was the confrontation between Angelo and Regina. Angelo had been such an anchor for Regina, and she’s finally seeing that she can’t just keep waiting and waiting. At some point, she has to let go and realize that if he’s not going to be there, and if he’s going to keep running away (whether voluntary or not), it’s a waste of her time and a waste of her love to wait for him.

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With the season ending the way that it did, I’m wondering what everyone’s thoughts are about next season. How do you think Toby is going to handle the Simone/Emmett situation? Do you think Daphne will trust Emmett again? Will Regina marry Angelo to keep him here? So many questions!!!!

See sneak peeks and catch up on missed episodes at abcfamily.com.


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