[Fantastic Five Friday] Five TV Relationships that I Will Go Down With.

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Five TV Relationships that I Will Go Down With

(this phrase is often used on tumblr. “I will go down with this ship” = I really love this relationship)

So far, this is the relationship I have waited the longest to come to fruition. A lot of my main ships have on and off periods, where they’re actually together, but then fall apart, then back in love. Booth and Brennan have taken the LONGEST time. I really adore the give and take of their relationship. Especially this season with Brennan being (spoiler?) pregnant, we get to see Booth being a little more overprotective than he usually is. Still, to this day, my favorite episode with them is “The Santa in the Slush”. They share such heartcrushing (a Bones word) moments it’s hard to give up on them (and trust me, I’ve come close).

Similar to Booth and Brennan in many ways, their banter and back and forth keep this relationship stable. The longing glances and gentle touches have every Castle fan over analyzing everything they do or say. Which just comes with the territory when it comes to shippers. I love the amount of respect that Castle and Beckett have for each other. They may fight and annoy each other to no end, but when it come right down to it, they have an incredible amount of respect for one another.

When Vala is first introduced in season 8 of Stargate SG-1, I loved her. I loved the way she picked on Daniel, I loved the way she bent the truth, I just loved her. She was the perfect blend of snark, sass, and heart. Her intentions were alwaysmostly good, and Daniel could see that. After Daniel comes back from ascension/death (for the… third? time), I wasn’t sure they were even going to try to give him a love interest. In some ways, I understood why they didn’t. I mean, his wife was taken over by an evil alien and one of his best friends had to kill her. It would take a while for a person to get over that. The way the relationship grew between Vala and Daniel through the last seasons of the series was really amazing, every time the two of them were on-screen together, you couldn’t help but want to push them together and say “Now kiss!”

I’m pretty sure I shipped them before I knew what shipping was. All through the series of Charmed they were the couple that I most wanted to see happy. Above Andy and Prue, above Phoebe and Coop, above them all. Leo and Piper had been through the most and deserved to be together in a happy family with their two beautiful (both as babies and as adults) boys. For a paranormal show, they were surprisingly realistic. They had hard times, disagreements, silly jokes, jealousy, long distance relationships, and pretty much anything else you can think of. If there was ever a couple in television that deserved to be together, it was them.

This relationship just frustrated me. In a good way (if that is possible). Every week I’d just stare at Luke and Lorelai’s interactions on my television and think “How is it possible that they don’t see it? Everyone sees it. HOW DO THEY NOT SEE IT?!?!?” This happened (and continues to happen during my re-watches) in every single episode. They finally get together and Rory has to be a pill and ruin it all. All the tension leading up to that moment. The moment with Luke and Lorelai on the porch of The Dragonfly, when Luke just says “Will you just hold still!” All the waiting had been totally worth it for that moment. Then they have to go and break up and be all angsty.
See?! It’s still frustrating.

What television relationships do you love?

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