[Recap&Review] Once Upon a Time` The Stable Boy

Emma continues to search for evidence that will prove Mary Margaret’s innocence. Regina has to decide between true love or living a loveless life marrying royalty.

I expected to not really like this episode. I didn’t want to like Regina. At all. I wanted to continue to let her be the evil queen who hated Snow for no particular reason. But, that isn’t what happened. As Regina-centric episodes go, this was a very good one. It humanized Regina A LOT. It was nice to see a Regina that wasn’t all evil and crazy. She was sweet and in love with a lowly stable boy. How can you not like her after that?

Storybrooke: The case against Mary Margaret is piling higher and higher. As Emma and August (thank you OUaT for letting him have an actual role in this episode) team up, Regina isn’t out of the game just yet. It was nice to see some good detective work with Emma and August. Even if, every time I see him, I wonder what fairytale character he is. Mr. Gold’s agenda continues to be murky at best, as he is unable to control Mary Margaret when she is meeting with the DA. The last scene between Mary Margaret and Regina was one of the best scenes in the series so far. It was the perfect blend of evil and innocence. I was happy that Emma discovered Sidney’s deceit.

Fairytale: As soon as we meet Regina’s mother, Cora, it’s easy to understand why Regina wasn’t going to tell her mother about the stable boy. It was also understandable why Regina is as cold as she is. Characters always tend to make a lot more sense when we meet their parents. Cora was the evil step mother that we all read about in our fairytales, but without the step. Even Regina’s father cowered before her. Seeing the relationship between Snow and Regina develop was an interesting twist. It really gave a better reasoning as to why the queen hated Snow so much. My heart broke for Regina when Cora murdered the stable boy. I still don’t understand how this was all Snow’s fault. I mean, I know that she was supposed to keep the secret, but she was young, and naive, and really had no idea that Cora was a bitch.

Then again, maybe it all comes down to who she can blame.

Barbara Hershey played the evil mother, Cora, perfectly. Making her intentions as pure as possible, while the actions fairly evil. She did everything right in playing a character that we’re meant to hate almost immediately. With all that evil-ness emenating from Cora, it allowed Lana Parrilla to shine as pre-evil queen.

And shine she did. When Once first started, it was easy to see how talented Lana Parrilla was. I hadn’t seen her in anything before, but her talent was obvious. This episode really allowed her to show her strength for storytelling and showing a character that actually has depth, as opposed to being evil for no apparent reason.



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3 thoughts on “[Recap&Review] Once Upon a Time` The Stable Boy

    • BB!Snow was super cute and very much like grown-up!Snow, but I felt all the stuff with Regina overshadowed her. (though it could be that I don’t particularly care for Ginnifer Goodwin as an actress, and thus her mini-me, that the performance didn’t stand out for me.)

      • Oh yeah, Regina was awesome, but bb!Snow was so perfect in her acting I actually believed she was a younger version of Snow. She had the voice and the timing and the movements and everything. I was impressed.

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