[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Characters I’ve Become Too Attached To. (TV & Movies)

inspired by Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday

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Five Characters I’ve Become Too Attached Too (TV & Movies)

This idea came from FireFerrets and Meg. I can’t think of a topic more suited for me. *gets too emotionally involved in her tv shows*

It was definetly more difficult to narrow down than I thought it would be.

Claudia Donovan | Warehouse 13
LOOK AT HER FACE!!!! *ahem* Claudia always has the most amazing and emotional journey in Warehouse 13. The fact that she’s my spirit animal, makes all of my feelings about her that much worse. This past season, Claudia has been through a lot and they just keep throwing stuff at her. I’m really interested to see what they do with her next season. I hope she doesn’t go all Dark!Willow (Buffy reference anyone?) and crazy again.

Jack Hodgins | Bones
First, I thought it would be Booth, then I thought about it a little bit more and remembered “The Aliens in a Spaceship” episode. The first Gravedigger episode, and still one of my favorite from the series. This is when Jack went from being another one of the squints to someone that invoked an emotional response from me when I saw him afterward.

Robin Scherbatsky | How I Met Your Mother
My dearest Robin, please don’t give up just yet on Barney. Every time I see a new episode and Barney gets closer and closer to someone who is NOT Robin, my heart breaks for her. It actually hurts when I see her sitting there alone in the bar, it physically makes me ache. I just want her to be happy. I want her to go on the adventures that she wanted to go on, and I want her to be with Barney and have adorable and incredibly talented babies (which I realize won’t happen, but oh well).

Nathan Wuornos | Haven
Again, with people that have faces that give me emotions. I’m kind of in love with this man. Nathan and his trouble have a lot to handle. His relationship with Audrey is another one of those relationships that I flail about all the time. Nathan is such an important part in reasoning for the troubles and he doesn’t even know it. He thinks he’s just another troubled person. But he’s so much more. He just needs to realize it.

Donna Noble | Doctor Who
I feel like the only explaination for me picking Donna is this: Journey’s End.
If you’ve seen Journey’s End, there really is no need for more of a reason than that. Again, I draw your attention to her face. Look at that emotion.

Who are some characters that you get too attached to?

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