Eureka, Season 4.5 Recap

Eureka returns tonight with the final episodes of the series. This is going to to make me cry. Watching the most recent season realizing that it’s all ending this year is making me emotional enough.

Here’s my recap for season 4.5 of Eureka. I know what you’re thinking, but the way that SyFy did season 4 of Eureka was kind of crazy. They aired the first ten episodes in the summer of 2010, and then aired the last ten episodes almost a year later in 2011. So I’m just going to recap what happened in season 4.5.

Beware, spoilers.

Season 4, Episode 11 | Lift Off

As Zane and Jo continue to do a little dance around the truth (that only Jo knows), Fargo is busy playing with his new toy, a shuttle that is capable of faster than light travel. While playing in this shuttle, Zane comes to try to con some information out of Fargo. Unfortunately, it makes them accidentally take to the sky– or rather the stars. Lost in space with no way to contact Global Dynamics, Zane has a massive panic attack, while Fargo proves why he was a pretty good choice for Head of GD. After side-swiping the International Space Station, managing short and limited conversations with GD, and activating the faster than light drive Zane and Fargo make it back down to Earth in one piece. Though Fargo may have let the secret about Jo and Zane’s previous relationship slip. It seems like a big button just tempting Zane to push.

Season 4, Episode 12 | Reprise

When Holly Marten (new cast member, Felicia Day) makes her way to Eureka to review if the faster than light drive. Her unique calming techniques cause everyone in town to act out songs that they listen to. Fargo is dead set on getting rid of this Holly character. Kevin wants to believe that he is a one man crime fighting team. Henry and Grace decide the stop the world. . . and melt to together. And Zane, well, he just wants a little attention from Jo. . . so he burns down her house. Kevin proves himself as more than just a little deputy when he helps Jack from being shot by Jo. That seems like a good idea. Meanwhile, Allison is on her way to a medical conference and runs into a girl and her father who need her help. As she manages to pull everyone to safety, the facade fades, and it seems like Beverly is back. Beverly is pretty much the Dalek of Eureka. She’s that one character that refuses to die.

Season 4, Episode 13 | Glimpse

Zane creates lenses that predict security breaches. Jo, jumps at the chance to use them, whereas Carter prefers to be a “real cop”. Of course, these lenses predict a Eureka-wide catastrophe. As they scramble to find a reason for the potential danger, Fargo and Holly begin interviewing people for the mission to Titan. And Fargo seems incredibly tuned to who is best for the mission. Even legend Stan Lee doesn’t make the cut. Curious, how could he be so tuned into potential candidates? Perhaps Carter and Jo aren’t the only one’s using Zane’s lenses. Jo and Zane get closer and closer as she sees him being the most affected by the disaster, the prediction stirs up those feelings she’s been trying to keep down. Meanwhile, Allison is having lapses in her memory and concerned that she’s been compromised.

Season 4, Episode 14 | Up in the Air

“Someone robbed a bank!”When a bank is robbed, Jack’s old school cop gene pops it’s head up. But this is Eureka, nothing is ever normal. The bank had been robbed, as is someone stole the bank. As in, the building. As Jack looks for the bank and various other things that keep disappearing, the training for the Astraeus Mission, complete with Jo as the trainer, begins. Much to the candidates’ chagrin. Zane is hell-bent on getting onto the mission, despite his disqualification for his troubled past. During the training, Fargo’s jealously gets the better of him as he and Dr. Parrish (guest star Wil Wheaton) compete for Holly’s affection. Jo shows that she’s more than just a badass with a gun when she helps save Carter from crashing down to the ground in an ancient bank.

Season 4, Episode 15 | Omega Girls

Zoey returns with a heated attitude towards Jo for getting together with Zane. An attitude that can only be haulted when they drive into Eureka and find everyone nearly comatose. Clearly something isn’t right. The two girls search through the town trying to find a reason for the epidemic. When they find out that Allison is also awake, things begin to fall into place. Beverly, acting through Allison’s body, is found out and trying to get her hands on some really valuable data, as in Section Five, valuable. Jo and Zoe make their way through GD dragging Jack along, hoping to find some way to wake everyone up. Zoe realizes that Henry and Zane were looking at something and finds out that Allison isn’t who she says she is. After a couple of close calls, its up to Jo to stop Beverly. But if she hurts Beverly, she hurts Allison. Zoe discovers that if she overclocks the brain with the sleep hormone, it might trick the brain into waking up. As the town wakes up, Jack decides it’s time to tell Zoe what happened on Founder’s Day.

Season 4, Episode 16 | Of Mites and Men

Little bugs that look remarkably like the replicator cells from Stargate SG-1, are supposed to be building the ship to carry everyone to Titan, after they got done with that they decided “What the heck, why don’t we just turn all of GD into a ship?” While a team on selection for Titan, is stuck on level Q (When did they get a level Q?) going through rigorous testing for the mission. Like building 100 oragami cranes. Fargo, Jo, Parrish, Holly and Zane all try and keep their head as things go continually wrong. Being on the inside, they don’t realize that it’s worse outside of that little room. Allison is trying to get back to work, only to be dismissed by Senator Wen, when Wen realizes that Allison is not as comprimised as she thought, she allows Allison to help Jack get the team out of level Q. Sometimes it pays to have a building full of geniuses to help move things along. Lastly, Henry and Grace are getting married– erm, renewing their wedding vows and Senator Wen granted Zane a full pardon after the glowing recommendation from Jo. Now he can go anywhere, even out of Eureka.

Season 4, Episode 17 | Clash of the Titans

The infamous “Tiny” makes her explosive reappearance in Eureka just as the Deparment of Defense sends over a relationship auditor (guest star Wallace Shaw) to evaluate whether or not Allison and Jack can do their jobs while maintaining a relationship. Jo turns wedding planner for Grace and Henry, as Henry has mixed feelings about how sure Grace is about the two of them. Zane, meanwhile, is stalling his leaving date from Eureka, hoping that Jo will stop him. Holly thinks it best for her and Fargo to skip over the flirting and go straight for the physical, in an effort to try and keep them focused. Fargo, being the gentleman he is, still maintains the desserts after dinner approach and wants to get to know her more. All the while, the mist that Tiny seemed to bring down with her is infecting all parts of Eureka threatening to destroy the whole town. Well, it wouldn’t be Eureka if everything went right.

Season 4, Episode 18 | This One Time at Space Camp

The definition of a flashback episode. Not flashback as in, flashbacks to previous episodes, but flashbacks back into the main character’s past, back into what makes then who they are now. As all the canidates for the mission to Titan are interviewed, we get a look into why they’re choosing to go to space now. What made them tick. We also to see how it can transfer memories from one person to someone else. When the relationship auditor gets a jolt from Jack’s memories of him and Allison’s work together, he begins to think that he is Jack. When they interview Jo, she comes to a realization that going into space isn’t what she wanted, she wanted to be accepted, but space had nothing to do with it.

Season 4, Episode 19 | One Small Step

The final crew for Titan is announced and some people aren’t exactly happy about it. Andy and S.A.R.A.H are finally getting back to normal. Which means that something has to go wrong. When Andy accidentally gets sent to Titan before everyone else, the crew back at Global Dynamics work hard on getting him back home. Zane give Jo the silent treatment after finding out that she dropped out of the race for Titan. Taggart returns with his new pets biologically altered to live on Titan. It seems that their bodily functions are the reason for the crazy going on in Eureka at this moment. Of course, that’s bound to change eventually.

Season 4, Episode 20 | One Giant Leap

Everyone is excited for the launch to Titan. The crew is saying their goodbyes and expecting a visit from the president. When a laser cuts through the pre-party, Carter and Jo set out on finding the culprit. Meanwhile, Henry fights with Senator Wen to makes sure that everything is good to go before they leave. Blackholes are popping up all over Eureka (why is it that Cafe Diem always gets the short end of the stick?), Jack sets to it to try and lead the blackholes out of town. Relationship wise, Carter and Allison take a big step in moving in together. Jo and Zane say their goodbyes, but Jo is hiding something. Holly and Fargo decide that their first time together would be extra special if it were on Titan. As everyone steps into the ship, taking that “giant leap for mankind”, Jo says her goodbyes to Carter as she leaves Eureka to go find herself. Allison gets everyone safely stowed away in the ship, but fails to exit the ship before the ship launches. Someone else is driving the ship, and taking Allison with them.

Trailer for Season 5:

Clearly, everything is about to change.

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