[Recap&Review] Once Upon a Time ` The Return

While Emma confronts Regina about Kathryn’s disappearance, David tries to make amends to Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold tries to learn August’s real identity. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, Baelfire gets his transformed father to agree to return to his original self, untainted by magic.(from TV.com)

First, we had a decent (if somewhat random) backstory episode for Regina. This week we had an even better back story episode for Mr. Gold.

We get more detail on Rumple’s son, Baelfire. It seems all he wants if for his dad to return to him. But it seems that Rumple hasn’t changed as much as he likes to pretend that he has. When the portal to a realm without magic opens up, Rumple chickens out and lets his son go on without him. This was the moment in the episode that I actually felt bad for Rumple. It was the only deal he’d ever broken, and now he’s searching for his son. Not only has Rumple lost Belle, but his son as well? That’s a awful lot of loss for one person to handle. Even “The Dark One”. We also learn that Rumple is the real reason for the curse, he wanted to come to Storybrooke and find Baelfire, and convinced Regina of the curse.

As Storybrooke welcomes back Mary Margaret (but where were they when she was being tried for Kathryn’s murder?), thanks to Kathryn’s return. Emma is on the hunt for some clues as to where Kathryn has been all this time. First suspect on her list? Regina (shocker!). All the while August seems to be on a mission of his own, one that appears to give him all the trimmings of being Bae in Storybrooke. But, he throws it away when they find the dagger, and August tries to control Mr. Gold. Not realizing that his powers don’t work in this world. What we then learn about August is that he’s sick, really sick. He somehow lives off the magic. When Sidney confesses to the abduction of Kathryn, Emma doesn’t believe him and confronts Regina. Then we have a moment that we’ve all been waiting for, Emma tells Regina she’s taking Henry back. Though the thought of a custody battle isn’t exactly unexpected, it should make for some interesting storylines.

Welcome to this session of “Who is August W. Booth?” I have two theories.

When we see August spasming at the beginning of the episode, something was obviously wrong. As he called someone on the phone and said “This is taking too long,” things seem to be falling into place.

From everything I’ve read and listened to and seen, I have two theories. Either August is Peter Pan. Or he’s Pinocchio. Here’s why:
Peter Pan:
— Mr. Gold doesn’t know who he is, it would make sense that someone from Neverland wouldn’t exactly spend all his time in Fairytale land and thus Rumple may not know his name.
— He needs people to believe/magic to continue to live. This kind of seems more of a Tinkerbell trait, but it could also be twisted to be Peter.

Pinocchio: (this one seems more likely)
— A few episodes ago, August mentioned how he can not lie. Though he did lie to Rumple.
— Then we have small things: Mentioning his splints, the wooden donkey by his typewriter and conversations with fairies.
— Lastly, we have the synopsis for next week’s episode. (click if you dare)



  • Check out the weekly Once Upon a Time podcast, Once. In addition to the discussion, they also put all the fairytale and Storybrooke stories into a timeline to keep things straight.
  • Catch up on missed episodes at abc.com

What did you think of the episode? Have any thoughts about who August could be?


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