[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Episodes That Made Me Want to Throw My TV Out the Window

inspired by Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday

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Five Episodes That Made Me Want to Throw My TV Out the Window

It’s no secret that I get really emotionally involved in my TV shows. There have been a few episodes that made me just want to pick up my TV and throw it out the window.

(in no particular order)

Doctor Who: Journey’s End
I’ve talked about this episode a lot. I can’t watch it without having a giant box of tissues next to me.

Warehouse 13: Emily Lake/Stand
Again, an episode that makes me feel all of the feelings. If they don’t fix things next season, I’m going to be severely upset.

Castle: To Love and Die in LA
THE HOTEL SCENE!!!!! Argh!!!!! (I hope everyone knows what scene I’m talking about)

Fringe: Letters of Transit
Fringe has a habit of screwing with my mind. This episode ended and I just stared at my screen completely dumbfounded. I like to think that eventually I’ll find out all the answers for this show. But this episode threw me through a loop.

HIMYM: Tick, Tick, Tick
This episode broke my Barney/Robin heart. I just wanted to shove them together and make them kiss.

What are some episodes that made you feel like this?

Feel free to leave ideas for future FFF in the comments!

2 thoughts on “[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Episodes That Made Me Want to Throw My TV Out the Window

  1. ngl I copied your HIMYM episode. I had forced it out of my mind and forgotten it happened DX Journey’s End would be on my list if I didn’t have another Doctor Who ep that broke me even more.

    My list: http://coffeeandwizards.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/fantastic-five-friday10/

    I’m trying to think of ideas for future ones, but my brain sucks. I guess you could do the obvious: favourite female characters and favourite male characters. Maybe, like, favourite characters that were there for one episode. Or… favourite shows to marathon. Or favourite shows to rewatch. orrrrrrrrrrrrrr funniest moments or saddest moments, best kisses, best twist you didn’t see coming

    and now my brain is drained

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