[Recap&Review] Once Upon a Time` The Stranger

While August offers to show Emma how she can defeat Regina and gain custody of Henry, Regina plans to seduce David. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world Gepetto agrees to save Snow and Charming’s daughter, but seeks to save his son Pinocchio as well.(from TV.com)

An August-centric episode. I was totally okay with that. For months everyone has been wondering who this stranger was and why had he come to Storybrooke. Why did he steal the book from Henry? What did he put in it? and who the heck was he from Fairytaleland? All of those questions were answered, only to pose a few more questions.

Now that we know that August is Pinocchio, and we know why he wasn’t effected by the curse, we understand why it’s that much more important that Emma start believing. The whole believing thing is what brought me to think he was Peter Pan, but with the promise made to his father, it’s not a surprise that August feels bad for not keeping it. The revelation that August was the one that “found” Emma, was a nice touch that I didn’t think about. August and Emma’s paths seems to be interconnected, which makes me wonder if this will initiate a more romantic feel between the two or will just be a partner-in-arms kind of friendship?

But here is the question that I feel like the audience has kind of been ignoring. Say Emma starts believing, and really does think that Snow and Charming are her parents. How does she defeat Regina? It’s been beat into our brains that she’s the only one who can save Storybrooke… but how? Does she kill Regina? or is there some sort of magic thing she has to do to defeat her?

In the past few episodes, I’ve noticed that while there can be one storyline that is good, the other one seems to rub me the wrong way.

The Good: As I said above, the Pinocchio/August/Emma storyline, was a much needed explanation story. But they didn’t just drone on about how things happened, it was fluid and understandable. They kept the story at pace, not really rushing through some parts, and rarely over-explaining. Really, this was one of my favorite episodes writing and pacing wise.

The Bad: *sigh* I just could not take the minor “seduction” storyline between Regina and David. Now, I’ve made it plenty clear that I don’t particularly care for David, but I have enough faith in him to know he’s not going to hook up with Regina. I felt the entire side story was completely contrived and, frankly, kind of annoying.



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How do you think Emma will defeat Regina?

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