May the Finales Be Ever in Your Favor

Okay, that was a really bad play on words, but you get the picture.

The month of May is always a bitter-sweet month. It’s the month where all the awesome things are happening in television, it starts the summer season of movies, and here in Utah, its when we might finally see the snow start to melt. It is also the month where my favorite TV shows like to throw curve balls at the fandoms.

May sweeps is the time of year where all your favorite TV shows unleash the secrets they’ve been hiding for months (or sometimes YEARS) only to leave you hanging for another 3+ months before figuring out how it’s going to be fixed.

Here is my guide to surviving May Sweeps (and the hiatus in general):

1: Indulge Your Inner (or Outer) Fangirl.
If you have the urge to do a handful of ranting tweets on twitter or a growling facebook status, do it. You’ll feel a lot better. If you want to write a blog post about how you don’t know how this happened, and complain how September can’t get here fast enough, go for it. If you need to do a gif post on tumblr to express all the feelings you have about a series ending (I certainly did when Smallville ended), I fully support you. Let your fangirl loose on the interweb, it will help get those first feelings of devastation over.

2: Speculate.
As the season end for your show approaches. With every promo you watch, try to guess what’s going to happen in the next episode. If you’re right, you’ll have a mixture of pride and annoyance that you were right. If you’re wrong, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised and can take pride in your show for not giving away major plot points in the promos (I’m looking at you Castle).

3: Begin a Rewatch.
The best way to handle the pending doom of your favorite TV show… denial. With Eureka airing its final episodes in the next few weeks, my Eureka marathon is imminent. Dust off your DVDs and start from the beginning. You never know, you might notice a connection you hadn’t seen before.

4: Find a Friend.
Find a friend that likes the same show and bask in each other’s awesomeness. If you don’t know anyone in your immediate area that likes the show that you do come find me check tumblr. If there is anything that tumblr does best, it’s connect those to their fandoms.

5: Make a Friend.
If you still can’t find a friend. Make one. Pull one of your friends over for a marathon (use deceit or bribery if you must) and make them watch one of your favorite TV shows with you. Chances are, if you really like it, they probably will too. Though it’s not guaranteed.

6: Find Summer Shows.
I used to think that Summer was the worse when it came to TV. Then I actually started looking for TV shows that started in the summer. The few that I found (primarily on SyFy) have been amazing additions to my list. As a personal suggestion, I always point people toward watching Warehouse 13, Haven, Alphas or Drop Dead Diva.

7: When All Else Fails… Pull a Patrick.
I never thought a scene from Spongebob could explain any part of my life. I was wrong. In this scene, I’m Patrick and my TV shows are Spongebob.

How do you deal with May sweeps and the pending hiatus?


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