Introducing: Artifact Tuesday

Introducing a new weekly post, focusing on a re-watch of one of my all time favorite shows Warehouse 13. I’m pretty sure I’ve done a terrible job at hiding my total adoration for this show. Considering that in basically every Fantastic Five Friday, Warehouse 13 is mentioned. It’s worse than my love of Doctor Who.

Which is saying something.

In one of my first ever posts on this site, I expressed a few reasons why you should watch this show.

Those reasons are still sound. As this show continues, it just gets better and better. The attachment to the characters gets deeper, the storylines more intricate, the feelings stronger. With every episode, I’m falling in love with this show more and more.

So if you have ever had any desire to watch this amazing show, check back here on Tuesdays where I’ll be posting a recap of the episode I just re-watched. Let me know how you’re liking it and what you think of the show.

Don’t worry, I won’t be mad if you don’t like it.
Though, clearly we can’t be friends anymore. 😉


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