[Artifact Tuesday] 1×01 Pilot

Welcome to Warehouse 13. A place of endless wonder and mystery. A place where history and enchantment meet and swirl together in an amazing combination of artifacts and stories.

In this weekly article, I re-watch Warehouse 13 and attempt to control my fangirl flailings. We’ll be starting from the beginning, I’ll be talking about the episode in pretty decent detail, so beware of spoilers.

Warehouse 13: Season 1, Episode 1 | Pilot

By D. Brent Mote & Jane Espenson

After saving the life of the President in Washington D.C., a pair of U.S Secret Service agents are whisked away to a covert location in South Dakota that houses supernatural objects that the Regents, an Authority above and outside any government, have collected over the centuries. Their new assignment: retrieve any lost objects and investigate reports of new ones.

Meet Agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering. Agents pulled from their prestigious job in the Secret Service, to enter a world of endless wonder. At least, that’s what the creepy lady with the beehive told them.

When they fly out to podunk South Dakota, things aren’t exactly what they expected, they meet hermit turned leader Arthur Nielsen, or Artie, and get a crash course in the inner-workings of the Warehouse.

As pilots go, this was a pretty great one. They introduce the characters just enough to make you aware of how they work, but not so much that it doesn’t leave room for more . We get a brief introduction to the Warehouse, but quickly realize that this is going to be a place that continues to surprise us.

So here are a few quick things we learned from the pilot episode:
– Pete gets these “vibes” about people and things. Usually, they’re bad.
– Myka has gone through some terrible times in the past few months with her job, making her incredibly irritable.
– Mrs. Fredric has this way of being super creepy without actually doing anything.
– The warehouse is a place where artifacts with exceptional powers come to live to keep the public safe.
– Wishing for things in the warehouse may result in a ferret.

“What you’re supposed to do is hunt down whatever is threatening to ruin the world’s day and neutralize it, and bring it here. You gotta snag it, and bag it, and tag it.” – Artie

Pete: What’s that?
Frederic: An invitation to endless wonder.
Pete: Okay, could you sound a little more creepy?

A jewel that belonged to Lucrezia Borgia. Causing her murderous and incestuous spirit is embodied in her jeweled comb, which possesses the person wearing it.


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