[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Favorite TV Shows from Childhood.

inspired by Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday

Here is how it works: It’ll be a weekly meme here at The Weekly Enthusiast. Each week I’ll post a new Fantastic Five list that I will answer here. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, whether you have a TV/Film blog, book blog, personal blog. All I ask is that you link back to The Weekly Enthusiast on your own Fantastic Five list and comment on this post so that everyone can check out the other bloggers lists.

If you don’t have a blog, leave your answers in the comments and get to know other fellow bloggers.

Five Favorite TV Shows from Childhood

Gummi Bears
I don’t know many people who have seen this show, but I loved it. It was always one of my favorite shows.

Raise your hand if you can still do the Poke-Rap! *raises hand* Just me? Okay.

Duck Tales
I was always in denial about my love for this show. I don’t know why.

Power Rangers
Who wouldn’t love awesome teenagers defending the earth from alien invaders?

The Little Mermaid
As an Ariel girl through and through, this show was a staple in my childhood. Plus, I’m pretty sure its the reason I fell in love with American Sign Language.

What are you favorite TV shows from your childhood?


11 thoughts on “[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Favorite TV Shows from Childhood.

  1. Agh, I wish I had done this today (er… yesterday) because this meme sounds like fun. But yay, I used to watch nearly all of these too (Gummi Bears SOUNDS familiar, but I don’t think I watched it, unless it was an episode or two). And YES, I totally knew all of the words to the Poke-Rap too. Pretty sure I knew the words to every song that ever aired at the end of the original-pokemon episodes. (Okay, I kind of still do.) I definitely watched The Little Mermaid animated series, but I had no idea they featured ASL in it. That’s kind of awesome.

  2. The only one of these that I wasn’t addicted to was The Little Mermaid (how did I not know there was a series of my favourite movie?!). I adored the Gummi Bears. I can still sing the entire theme song. ^_^

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