[Artifact Tuesday] 1×04 ` Claudia

Welcome to Warehouse 13. A place of endless wonder and mystery. A place where history and enchantment meet and swirl together in an amazing combination of artifacts and stories.

In this weekly article, I re-watch Warehouse 13 and attempt to control my fangirl flailings. We’ll be starting from the beginning, I’ll be talking about the episode in pretty decent detail, so beware of spoilers.

Warehouse 13: Season 1, Episode 4 | Claudia

Written by: Drew Z. Greenberg

Artie is kidnapped by a woman who blames him for the death of her brother.

This is the episode that I have been waiting for. The introduction for Claudia is one of the greatest mid-season introductions I’ve seen for a character in a long time. The fact that after I got to know her, she became my spirit animal.

Her introduction to the Warehouse is one that is unique. You don’t really meet anyone in this series that knows about the Warehouse without really “knowing” about the Warehouse. The Warehouse is the reason she is the way that she is. If it weren’t for Joshua disappearing, she wouldn’t have become as kick-ass as she is now.

What really stands out is the nearly instant relationship she and Artie have. He quickly becomes incredibly protective of her while still pretending that he has no need for her.

While Artie is trying to save Joshua (and in turn, Claudia), Pete and Myka team up with Mrs. Fredrick to find Artie and track him down. Mrs. Fredrick always gets underestimated. We all know she gives us serious goosebumps, but for the most part she tends to be a come and go character. Usually without warning. This episode we get to see her a bit more, and see how she interacts with the agents. And we quickly realize, why Artie is the liason.


Artie Nielsen: You’re lucky I have an emergency travel kit.
Claudia Donovan: Well, “Serendipity” is my stripper name…

Artie: Children, don’t fight. I can be both a d-bag and insane.

A compass invented by George Rehticus, that had the ability to teleport someone. That is if you could figure out his puzzle.


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