[Artifact Tuesday] 1.05` Elements

Welcome to Warehouse 13. A place of endless wonder and mystery. A place where history and enchantment meet and swirl together in an amazing combination of artifacts and stories.

In this weekly article, I re-watch Warehouse 13 and attempt to control my fangirl flailings. We’ll be starting from the beginning, I’ll be talking about the episode in pretty decent detail, so beware of spoilers.

Warehouse 13: Season 1, Episode 5 | Elements

Written by: Jack Kenny, David Simkins, & Dana Baratta.

The Warehouse team pursues an artifact collector who is trying to gather together sculptures of the four elements thinking they will enable him to find the secret to obtaining god-like powers.

While Artie stalls to figure out what to do with Claudia, we get to see a bit of their relationship. It started last episode, and with the remainder of this episode we see their father/daughter-like relationship grow and grow.

Of all the artifacts that we’ve seen this one definitely has the most magic-like qualities to it. Allowing one to embody the elements in definitely an artifact that could come in handy. Pete and Myka’s partnership shines more and more with each episode. In this one, we see that they really do know more about each other than they would like to admit.

In addition to all this great character stuff, we get to see the amazing guest star, Joe Flanigan (of Stargate: Atlantis). When he first popped on screen, I was sure he was the culprit, it’s nice to sometimes be surprised.


Artie: Shouldn’t you be in college or something? Don’t you want to be with people your own age?
Claudia: Artie, I’m not my own age.

Leena: She needs people like her.
Artie: Brash, rude, anti-social, impulsive?
Leena: We’re discussing Claudia, not you.
Artie: See, that’s kind of a low blow.

A cloak of the Lenape people that allows one to embody the elements.


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