Then and now…

I’m not going to lie, the main reason I didn’t post last week is because this is my 100th post, and I felt like it should be something interesting.

The first post I wrote was supposed to be all awesome about why I love television so much, instead it came out a bit preachy. As I have no desire to preach to my readers (all five of you), I’m just going to do a then and now post.

Things that have stuck:
New Obsessions— Every time I find a show that I suddenly can’t stop watching, I always feel the need to write about it. That’s not going to change.
Weekly Recaps for Castle, Once, and Switched at Birth — I still love these shows very much and that will not change anytime soon. When they come back I’ll be writing more recaps. I’m also considering adding a few other shows.
Fantastic Five Fridays— I’m genuinely surprised at how much people seem to love this weekly meme. I’m glad it’s sticking.

Things that have fallen:
Weekly Sneak Peeks — Not for lack of trying, but finding youtube clips of all of the previews was difficult. Though I have considered trying it again.
Tumblr Tuesdays — I contacted at least half a dozen tumblr designers asking if I could use their graphics, only one ever responded.

Things I will continue with:
Movie Reel — It’s been a while since I last posted one, but I really love getting my thoughts out there on the new movies or on movies some people have never heard of.
Indulge Your Earholes — If there is ever a CD or podcast I wish to pimp out, you’ll find it there.
Artifact Tuesday — (which I’m realizing would have been much better suited as a “Warehouse Wednesday”) This is just getting off of the ground, so I’ll continue with it to see how people like it.

Things to come:
Looking Back– Where I review movies or TV shows I haven’t watched in years and years. Comparing how they hold up to my memory.

If there are any other ideas, movies, TV shows or podcasts you’d like me to check out just let me know. I’m always looking for new stuff.

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