[Artifact Tuesday] 1.06 ` Burnout

Welcome to Warehouse 13. A place of endless wonder and mystery. A place where history and enchantment meet and swirl together in an amazing combination of artifacts and stories.

In this weekly article, I re-watch Warehouse 13 and attempt to control my fangirl flailings. We’ll be starting from the beginning, I’ll be talking about the episode in pretty decent detail, so beware of spoilers.

Warehouse 13: Season 1, Episode 6 | Burnout

Written by: Jack Kenny, David Simkins, & Dana Baratta.

While investigating the site of a presumed gas explosion, Pete and Myka are shocked to discover the body of another Warehouse agent. Things get even more complicated when the item they’re hunting attaches itself to Pete’s spine. It causes him to channel dangerous amounts of electricity and makes him very, very angry and dangerous.

What I always loved about this episode is that it shows us what happens to Warehouse agents after they decide to leave the Warehouse. We meet Rebecca St. Clair, who has some very strong opinions on the Warehouse and how it treats it’s employees. And more importantly, how it’s employees, handle living on the outside world.

Pete gets to play hero (sort of) in this episode. They may only be partners for a little while and as much as they get on each others nerves and ruffle each others feathers, Pete’s insistence of Myka staying out of the way and getting out of town shows us how much he cares for his partner.

In turn, Myka gets a little lesson from Rebecca about not letting the Warehouse be her whole life. A reminder that there is things out side of work, and that it’s okay to move on.

Back at the Warehouse, Claudia drags Artie kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Which is always entertaining.


Claudia: You want me to do, you know, scan it in? Do my thing?
Artie: You go, girl.
Claudia: Don’t.
Artie: Sorry.
Claudia: Yeah.
Artie: Okay.
Claudia: That’s wrong.
Artie: Yeah.

Pete: Man, this trip really killed me.
Artie: Would you not…? Could you stop that, please?
Pete: Seriously, I am totally dead.
Claudia: Hey, I’m surprised to see you alive.
Artie: Don’t encourage him.

Spine of Saracen: A lobster looking item that attaches itself to one’s spine and causing him to channel a lot of electricity without his control.

Claudia really enjoys revamping Warehouse items. This is sometimes good, and sometimes… not so good.
Rebecca and Jack’s relationship is one to keep in mind for future episodes.


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