[Recap&Review] Once Upon A Time` Broken

In the aftermath of Gold’s actions at the wishing well, the people of Storybrooke must come to grips with the knowledge of what they once were… and are again. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, Prince Phillip and his traveling companion, Mulan, face a dangerous opponent.(from TV.com)

At first, I was really confused. The whole point in doing the fairytale flashbacks last year was because the people from the fairytales didn’t remember who they were. Now that they did, I was seriously wondering why we were going back to fairytale land.

With Fairytale land I’m always confused as to where we are in relation to the characters. Is this before or after Snow got poisoned? Is it after Belle runs away from Rumple? Where is Regina in this time line? Though I liked the fact that we didn’t find out how the fairytaleland storyline connected to what was going on in Storybrooke, I was annoyed with the sudden difference in how the Hat works.

So, everyone remembers what Regina did, thus she must die. Not that I blame the townspeople for being mad, I did think that Emma and Snow were awful quick to jump to Regina’s aid. It wasn’t a terrible idea, or even out of character, just a bit quick.

Having Snow want to talk to Emma about everything was a great piece, Emma’s response to Snow and Charming “saving” her, was heart-crushing. Really the best part was that wishy-washy-douchey David was gone, hopefully now that Charming has returned, I won’t hate on this character for the rest of the season.


The Good:
I’m so excited to have Emilie de Ravin as a full-time cast member now, I’m kind of really interested to see how Belle and Emma get along. Considering my distaste for Emma, that’s saying a lot.

David Anders, that man is an amazing actor. Not everyone can play a character that switches from healer to harmer in a split second.

I was a bit nervous about it, but Jamie Chung played an AMAZING Mulan. I really enjoyed her portrayal of Mulan, my only complaint as that she didn’t do any fighting. I really would have liked to see her fight (I know we’re going to see it eventually, but it would have been nice during this episode).

The Bad:
I feel terrible, but I kind of didn’t like Phillip. Which saddens me greatly because he was always one of my favorite princes. It may be just that he didn’t get enough air time and that’s why I didn’t like him, but every time he was on-screen, he just didn’t bring the character to life for me like I wish he would have.

Again, I feel really bad but I didn’t care for Sleeping Beauty either. Once has done a pretty good job at making the princesses not too damsel in distress-y. They almost always have some bite to them from the start. Aurora didn’t really.

Also, I really hated the Aurora/Phillip/Mulan triangle. I felt like it was completely unnecessary. Mulan is the kind of character that would just go and help, she didn’t need to fueled by wanting to be with Phillip.



  • Check out the weekly Once Upon a Time podcast, Once. In addition to the discussion, they also put all the fairytale and Storybrooke stories into a timeline to keep things straight.
  • Catch up on missed episodes at abc.com

What did you think of this episode?


2 thoughts on “[Recap&Review] Once Upon A Time` Broken

  1. SO GLAD THAT DOUCHEY DAVID IS GONE. I really really loved Prince Charming last season, so I hated having to see him completely suck in Storybrooke, especially since his fairytale counterpart was so awesome/sweet/brave/everything David just wasn’t. I mean, he didn’t get much screen time in this episode (it was more about Snow and Emma and Regina and Rumple and that dementor thing), but I really enjoyed the subtle things we got to see, like his, “Don’t push her, Snow!” facepalm thing when Snow agreed and then pushed Emma to talk anyway, or his hilarious facial expressions when he found out about Snow’s one night stand with Whale, or his authorative, so princely “WHO ARE YOU, WHALE?”, when he realized he wasn’t from their kingdom and that no one had any idea who this guy actually was. My favorite was when he was ragey/crying and nearly attacked Regina when he thought, after everything, his wife and daughter were taken from him once again and might not be alive. I knew I liked Josh Dallas in the beginning of last season, and I’m excited to see what he does with the character now that the annoying love triangle that shouldn’t have been that difficult doesn’t even exist.

    I loved the Sleeping Beauty parallels with Snow White’s story in the beginning, like last season, and I loved the way they looked (perfectly cast, in my opinion), but I hate how quickly they went through the story because you’re right, I feel nothing for the characters outside of the pretty. I WANT to ship them though, and I’d love some actual backstory, but yeah, no, I’m not even as attached to them as I was with Snow Charming in that first episode, which is weird because I kind of loved them instantly, but lack of… everything bothered me this time. And I hateeee the love triangle with Mulan because I’m 99% sure that Philip didn’t love her back, and it’s obvious that she’s in this one sided thing and that Philip belongs with his princess, and Mulan’s better than that. Not that it really matters because he’s… dead. Or something.

    I also actually like that there’s a corner of fairytale land that still exists, and that Emma and Snow are there now. I want to see what they do with this, and I’m glad the writers were able to find a way to make the show return amazingly (I was afraid of how it would even be possible to have multiple seasons, but nope, they have a plan and the story doesn’t feel stale or anything, so bring it on).

    I kind of really hate the Rumple/Belle storyline (I don’t know, they do nothing for me), so no real comment on that, though the chipped cup thing made me smile.

    Yay for Henry living with Grandpa Charming, boo the circumstances that led him to do that.


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