[Recap&Review] Castle` Cloudy with a Chance of Murder.

It’s Beckett’s first day back from suspension. When the local TV weather girl is murdered, she and Castle must forge a course through a world of backstabbing and ruthless ambition to solve the case, all while keeping their new relationship a secret.(from TV.com)

We all know that this whole, hiding the relationship from everyone is eventually going to go south. They can’t keep it up forever and they probably don’t want to. But it does make for some funny faces from Beckett and Castle.

Personally, I was hoping that Lanie would figure it out. She was SO CLOSE but just didn’t grasp onto that last bit of information. I think it’d be really funny to see what she has to say about they getting together. I’m pretty sure the word “Finally” will be said, with a fangirl giggle… Wait, that’s what I did at the end of ‘Always’, nevermind.

As funny as the Castle/Beckett stuff was, I was more excited for the fact that my favorite bromance is back. Having Espo and Ryan be at odds was making me sad, day in and day out. I just wanted them to hug it out (in their we’re just bros kind of way).


Jodi Lyn O’Keefe was a surprise guest star as Kristina Coterra, though I felt like the Castle/Kristina dynamic was a bit forced (maybe, purposely so) I also thought that she provided Stana with some great jealous!Kate moments.

Castle: You and I were just friends for four years.
Beckett: You were trying to sleep with me the whole time.

If you need to catch up on the episode go to abc.com.
Tune in with John and Heidi weekly on Castlecast, a Castle Podcast.


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