[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Series or Season Finales That Were Disappointing

inspired by Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday

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Five Series or Season Finales That Were Disappointing

Veronica Mars | Series Finale
Maybe it was the fact that it was just cancelled too soon, but I really hate how Veronica Mars ended. It left so many loose ends and none of them tied up. Even with the Season Four test episode they had on the DVD, it wasn’t the same as the VMars that I love.

Robin Hood | Series 2 Finale and the following final Series as a Whole.
In watching series 3 of Robin Hood, I kept watching hoping it would get better. With every episode, it just got worse and worse. I can’t even explain how disappointed I was in this series finale. I wanted to throw a lot of things.

Gilmore Girls | Series Finale
Unlike a lot of Gilmore fans, I actually really liked most of season 7. But, the finale felt really forced. Like the writers of the Gilmores tried to tie everything up all at once and it just ended up making this big messy knot.

The Office | Season 8 Finale
It’s not that it was a bad episode, it just didn’t feel very finale like to me. Most shows it’s easy to tell when the finale hits, this was not one of them.

Bones | Season 6 Finale
Okay, so my main reason that this is on the list is because this is when we see Booth and Brennan get together, without actually seeing them get together. I kind of felt like this was a slap in the face to the fans. Sure, she’s pregnant, but we didn’t get to see them be all cute a lovey before that.

What finales have you found disappointing?


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