[Recap&Review] Once Upon A Time` The Crocodile

While the dwarves try to find fairy dust in the Storybrooke mines, Belle gives Gold an ultimatum. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world Rumplestiltskin goes after a band of pirates that have abducted his beloved.(from TV.com)


So I missed the first few minutes of this episode. But it wasn’t very difficult to catch up.
PreDarkOne!Rumple is trying to explain to his son why his mom is gone. He chooses to tell him she’s dead instead of telling him she ran away with Pirates. Only to come across the two of them Post Dark One. Killian Jones is not the Captain Hook we may remember from childhood watchings and readings of Peter Pan, instead he’s suave and… well, sexy. I’m not gonna lie, I totally have a crush on Captain Hook. I don’t blame Mila at all for running off to be with him.

My favorite part about how Once went about this storyline was that Rumple turned out the be the Crocodile. First, he’s the beast, now the crocodile? Definitely an interesting turn of tale.

Meanwhile, Belle puts Gold in his place about using magic and storms out of the house. As she roams the streets of Storybrooke she comes in to Granny’s and makes a friend with Ruby, who informs her that the library could use some cleaning up. Belle + Library = CANON. I love when they do things that actually make sense with their character. Mulan falling for Phillip? Not so much, but Belle and the Library? That totally fits.

After Belle gets captured by Smee (I adore you, Chris Gauthier), Gold slyly seeks relationship advice from David. But David knows, and doesn’t feel shy about putting it bluntly. “Honesty”, though David and Mary Margaret (pre-magic coming back) definitely didn’t follow this, Charming and Snow most certainly did. What surprised me, was that Gold actually listened.

I applaud Colin O’Donoghue for his performance as Killian Jones/Captain Hook. He had the suave and swagger that a swashbuckler would need, but was able to show the emotion behind the Captain when Mila had her heart ripped from her chest, and the pain behind his eyes when he and Cora talk about seeking revenge on Regina and Gold.

I have to mention Chris Gauthier, if only because I miss seeing him every Monday on my TV.



  • Check out the weekly Once Upon a Time podcast, Once. In addition to the discussion, they also put all the fairytale and Storybrooke stories into a timeline to keep things straight.
  • Catch up on missed episodes at abc.com

What did you think of this episode?


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