[Fantastic Five Friday] Favorite TV Theme Songs.

inspired by Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday

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Five Favorite Theme Songs

Veronica Mars
In season 1 & 2, this song was kind of boring to me. But when they rocked it up in season 3, I grew to love it.

Big Bang Theory
There are few theme songs that I don’t get tired of. This is one of them. I’m not sure why its still just as entertaining the 200th time I’ve heard as it was the first time. It’s one that I really love singing along to.

Though it doesn’t have any words, this one is amazing because it changes depending on the episode. When you got to the Alt universe, it’s red. Now that the Observers have invaded, it’s all about what the Observers want. When we go back in time to Walter and Bell’s first experiments, it’s all retro. Ones that change always intrigue me.

Gilmore Girls
Maybe its just that I love this show so much, but I adore this theme song because it really holds the theme of the show as a whole. Plus, it’s really fun to sing along to.

Doctor Who
Again, with the changing theme songs. With every season (or at least every Doctor/Companion) the theme song changes just a bit. Not so much that it’s unrecognizable, but just enough that you can tell.

2 thoughts on “[Fantastic Five Friday] Favorite TV Theme Songs.

  1. I actually really loved how laid back the season one/two Veronica Mars theme was (though the speeding up in s3 was pretty cool too). I don’t know, something about it always got stuck in my head. I spent a year randomly breaking out into, “A long time ago, we used to be friends, but I haven’t talked to you lately at all”. (Which I guess… was awkward when it happened in front of friends. XDD )

    LOVELOVELOVE The Big Bang Theory theme. It’s kind of why I even started watching the show. (Then I fell in love with everything else about it, especially Sheldon, but the theme was what appealed to me initially because it’s SO CATCHY.)

    I adored the Gilmore Girls theme too, and you’re right, it captures the theme of the show perfectly.

    And of course, yay Doctor Who. I need to watch other seasons of it to get what you mean (I know, I know, I will!), but I look forward to it!

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