[Fantastic Five Friday] Five Pilot Episodes

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Five Pilots

I fully believe that most pilots kind of suck. I call it “Pilot-itis”, usually it goes away after a few episodes, but some hit it right on the head the first time. Here are a few of my favorite pilot episodes.

Psych | Pilot
I watched this show one day out of pure boredom. I had heard things about it, but hadn’t actually sat down and watched it. As I watched the pilot, I found myself laughing and trying to decide whether I admired Shawn for taking the chance and faking his psychic ability or if I was skeptical of how easily everyone believed him.

How I Met Your Mother | Pilot
This show is the only show that could ever get away with going for 8 season and not introducing the main character. They’re also the only show that convinces you that he met the mother in the first episode, only to have it be Robin, the kid’s aunt.

Pushing Daisies | Pie-lette
I will always adore the pilot episode from this show. It had the perfect amount of back story and introduction, without being slow and overly informative. Having Jim Dale narrate the show was one of the best decisions this show could have made.

Castle | Flowers for Your Grave
Though I resisted this show for a long time. As soon as I watched the pilot, I was hooked. It does suffer a bit from pilot-itis, but it’s nothing that the first season didn’t overcome. The introduction to Castle and Beckett was definitely better than I expected it to be. Having their first case be one based off his books (especially since Kate is a fan), was a great way to get these two crazy kids together.

Stargate: Universe | Air: Part 1 & 2
When I was thinking about this subject, I was a bit surprised that I couldn’t get this pilot out of my head. I think the main reason I love this pilot was because it was unlike the rest of the Stargate franchise’s pilot episodes. It immediately started off as something different. Something I didn’t expect from Stargate.

What are some of your favorite pilot episodes?

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