“Shall We Begin?” — Star Trek: Into the Darkness Teaser Trailer

Deep breath. In and out. In and out. If you can handle the awesomeness that was The Avengers trailers, you can handle this trailer.

Truthfully, I wasn’t the biggest diehard fan of the Star Trek franchise. I’ve always been more of a Star Wars fan in the battle of the fandoms. However, I have never diminished what a fantastic franchise this is. With the 2009 reboot of the franchise, I was skeptical. But when the cast was announced I was bit more okay with it. Blame it on my adoration for Chris Pine, but he was the primary draw for me. Zachary Quinto was a close second.

The new installment of this series looks like nothing short of amazing. Aside from bringing back it’s amazing cast, they’re adding to the amazing by casting Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch. Though it’s still just rumored who exactly he’ll be playing, seeing his work in Sherlock removes any doubts I may have had in my mind about the quality of the sequel.

According to IMDB, he’s playing Khan. Personally, I think that’d be amazing.

Favorite Parts of the Trailer
– The lack of lens flares. Don’t get me wrong, I think a good lens flare is awesome, but if you watch the 2009 Star Trek, the amount of lens flares they add takes away from the actual movie. I’m hoping this movie, there aren’t a ton of them.
– The introduction of Benedict’s character. I sort of love when the villian is narrating through the trailer. It almost makes you think they have a chance. Almost.
-The Chris Pine-y-ness of it all. Seriously. This guy is so awesome.

I feel like this trailer did pretty good at it’s job of teasing us. It gave us just a little dose of what’s to come while still keeping it’s mystery.

Star Trek: Into the Darkness comes to theaters May 17th 2013. Are you excited to see it?


New Season Line-Up

Thanks to the amazingness that is TV Line, I’ve been able to create a list of all of my upcoming premieres. It’s pretty extensive, and only solidifies the fact that I watch WAY too much television.
Here’s my run-down (click for a trailer):
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“If You Had the Chance to Change your Fate… Would You?” — Brave Trailer

It took me way too long to watch this new trailer for Brave. When Disney announced their new movie with Pixar, I was a bit weary. I love Disney as much as the next person. But I’m a fan of the classics. If they want to make another princess movie, I want it to be 2D and hand drawn (I REALLY love Rapunzel, don’t get me wrong). And in all honesty, if they are going to do another computer generated princess movie, I don’t want Pixar to be a part of it.

Then I saw the first trailer for this movie. My attitude completely changed. As someone who is completely obsessed with celtic mythology, the idea was right up my alley. With this new trailer, I’m bouncing up and down with excitement.

Favorite Points of the Trailer

  1. We see a bit more of Merida and her family.
  2. An introduction to the magic in the movie.
  3. At about 1:54, we get to hear the celtic music being incorporated in the movie.
  4. The scenery. SO MANY PRETTY LANDSCAPES!!!!
  5. Merida. Just more of Merida and her awesomeness.
This trailer does a great job at showing us the movie but not giving away big plot points. It’s one of the few trailers that doesn’t give away the WHOLE movie in the two minute trailer.

Brave comes into theaters on June 22.

“I have an army.” “We have a HULK.” – The Avengers SuperBowl Trailer

No lie, this was the only reason I watched the Superbowl for as long as I did. I wanted to see this extended trailer. I have to give whoever made this trailer some MAJOR props. They did a fantastic job and giving each of the Avengers pretty equal air time in a one minute commercial. Now that I have watched this trailer a dozen times, all I want is to jump into my TARDIS and go (a little less than) 3 months into the future to see this movie.

Here are a few things we see in this promo that we didn’t see in the previous promos.

  1. More of Hulk in action. Though personally, I’d love to see more of Bruce Banner.
  2. We see Loki (basically) challenge to Avengers.
  3. With all the superheroes in one spot, it’s obvious that they’re not going to play nice with each other. We see them actually working as a team.
  4. More of Nick Fury being… Nick Fury. Bringing them all together for a common goal.

Because I’m a quote-aholic, here are my favorite quotes from the trailer:

Nick Fury: I still believe in heroes.


Loki: I have an army.
Tony Stark: We have a Hulk.

The Avengers comes into theaters on May 4th. Check out The Avengers Movie website.