Still Got Legs!

I promise you guys, I did not die. Just got a bit distracted (re: a lot distracted).

Expect a new post this weekend. One with a bit of an update on things that I may be changing to this site.


Also, please leave any suggestions on things you’d like to see more of and things that you’d like for me to keep on the schedule on this post.


Talk Nerdy To Me

As a self proclaimed uber geek and nerdfighter, I find the difference that people claim between the two labels to be interesting. I know a lot of geeks who would sooner stab themselves with a lightsaber than call themselves a nerd, and nerds who would rather sell their entire comic book collection than be called a geek. Personally, I don’t think there’s a real difference other than personal preference.

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I’m enthusiastic about a lot of things…

[A Quick and Short Introduction]

I tried to do weekly recaps of my favorite TV shows… but quickly realized that it wasn’t my forte. So instead of doing recaps of TV shows weekly, I decided revamp the site, and do weekly posts of things I’m enthusiastic about.

TV will probably be a lot of it. But on the off weeks it could be a movie that I saw that week, sharing my thoughts on something going on in my hometown, a declaration of my love for star shaped post-its, or even something completely different.

So sit back, and read my very random and enthusiastic ramblings.
(Although I am going to try and control most of my fangirlish tendencies, they do like to show themselves in some way in everything I do.)

First up: Summer TV. Not as bad as it used to be.

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