“You Wanna Be a Bunhead, Huh?” — Bunheads, Pilot Episode

Bunheads is the tale of a Las Vegas showgirl, who impulsively marries a man, moves to his sleepy coastal town, and takes an uneasy role at her new mother-in-law’s dance school. (from ABCFamily.com)

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[Recap&Review] Switched at Birth` To Write a Lonely Solider

Bay learns that a helicopter from her ex-boyfriend Ty’s military unit went down, but the names of those killed in the crash haven’t been released. Emmett becomes jealous when he discovers Bay has been emailing Ty in Afghanistan. Bay eventually learns that Ty was not in the crash, and she tells him that she is seeing Emmett.

Craig learns that someone gave Brizia a large sum of money, and Kathryn confesses that it was from her. Kathryn teams up with Craig to find out how Angelo learned that Brizia was the nurse who made the switch in the first place, but they are met with dead ends.

Daphne unintentionally gets Travis, a Carlton student, fired from his job in the gym. She scores him a job at John’s carwash, but he is fired when he loses his temper after a customer says something offensive about his deafness. Daphne visits him at home and they make up after she realizes he has no one to connect with because his family refuses to learn sign language. Daphne wonders if she’ll ever really connect with Wilke, who also can’t sign.

Meanwhile, Simone sabotages a Guitar Face appearance in order to get Toby to play a solo gig, but Toby figures out her scheme. (from abcfamily.go.com)

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[Recap&Review] Switched at Birth` Protect Me From What I Want

Coach Medlock holds a contest to decide the starting lineup for the Buckner girls’ basketball playoff game. Simone hires a private coach with the money she got from selling the watch she thought was stolen. Daphne tells Simone that they should tell someone the watch wasn’t stolen but Simone refuses. Coach Medlock later puts Daphne and Simone up against each other for a spot on the lineup.

Regina meets Patrick, an art gallery owner, at her salon, and he agrees to meet with Bay. But he ends up showing more interest in Regina’s old art pieces.

Kathryn learns that Emmett has an assignment to take a family portrait and offers up their family for the photo shoot, despite Bay’s protests. Emmett becomes upset after a portrait meeting with Kathryn when she mentions Bays relationship with Ty. Bay eases Emmett’s jealousy over Ty after he takes their family portrait. (paraphrased from abcfamily.com)

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[Recap/Review] Switched at Birth ` Self Portrait with a Bandaged Ear

As Angelo makes Regina a business offer, Daphne finally confronts him about the reason he left. Meanwhile, Melody’s opinion of Bay and Emmett’s relationship doesn’t improve when he gets in trouble. And the Kennish’s entire case against the hospital is put in jeopardy when they learn some new disheartning information about their lawyer. (Summary from TV.com)

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