Indulge Your Earholes: CastleCast!

Above logo designed by me for the CastleCast cafepress store.

So considering that Castle wasn’t new last night, I’ve decided to post and article about one of my favorite Castle oriented things (that sort of counts, right?). You’ve seen me post links to it after every recap and review I do of Castle. I will continue to do so, because it is one the greatest Castle things ever.

Here’s the thing, I’ve been wanting to post a review for them on iTunes, but as I am one of the only people in the universe that doesn’t OWN iTunes(or any Apple product), I haven’t been able to. So I hope this counts. (:

A little over a year ago, if you had asked me if I listened to any podcasts, I would have snorted and turned a heel and walked away. I kind of detested the idea of listening to people talk. It just didn’t interest me. All of the podcasts I had tried to listen to just bored me and I ended up turning them off half way through. CastleCast was the exception.

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