Can’t Stop the Serenity

I don’t know how many (if any) of you have heard about this amazing event. This is a charity event where nerds and Browncoats alike gather together to celebrate the short-lived TV series Firefly but watching its movie spin-off, Serenity. Best of all, the proceeds from this gathering of Browncoats go to charity, usually Equality Now

All I’m going to say, is that if you have a chance to attend one of these events (they happen GLOBALLY, usually between June and September) then definitely do it. Every event is different, some events only show the movie, others show a short (like Dr. Horrible or something else Whedon related), and some go all out. In my city, Salt Lake City, we were lucky enough to have a raffle, costume contest, and an auction as well as watch Serenity on the big screen.

Here is what I realized while watching Serenity on the big screen:

  • This cast was dedicated. If you ever have a chance to watch ANY Firefly panels from ANY convention do it (seriously, just look it up on YouTube. It’s amazing.)
  • You notice a lot more small details when watching it in a theater.
  • No matter how many times you see it, Wash’s death will make you cry. For me, I break down when Zoe says “He a’int comin'” *tear*.
  • For a freshman effort, Joss does an amazing job directing a movie. Movies and TV shows should always be directed differently.
  • The more I watch Summer Glau as River, the more I’m impressed with how she played the character.
  • The storylines seem to hit harder when you’re watching the movie with a bunch of people who love the series as much as you.

In addition to hanging out with a bunch of Browncoats and watching an excellent movie, certain cities give away swag to the first 100 people to buy tickets. I was one of the lucky swag winners and came home with a few buttons, some comic books, a poster for the fan made movie “Done the Impossible” (which I now need to see), and feeling of friendship from the fellow Browncoats.

If a Can’t Stop the Serenity event is in your area, GO. You won’t regret it.

[Fantastic Five Friday] Five TV Shows/Movies That Have Influenced My Vocabulary

inspired by Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday

Here is how it works: It’ll be a weekly meme here at The Weekly Enthusiast. Each week I’ll post a new Fantastic Five list that I will answer here. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, whether you have a TV/Film blog, book blog, personal blog. All I ask is that you link back to The Weekly Enthusiast on your own Fantastic Five list and comment on this post so that everyone can check out the other bloggers lists.

If you don’t have a blog, leave your answers in the comments and get to know other fellow bloggers.


It’s no secret that I really like quoting tv shows and movies. I’m pretty sure that at least 20% of my vocabulary is stemmed from tv shows. Here are a few of my most used quotes/words from my favorite shows and movies.

“Shiny!” (Firefly)

“Frak” (Veronica Mars, though I know that it’s originally from Battlestar Galatica)

“What a crazy random happenstance.” (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog)

“Bazinga!”(The Big Bang Theory)

“Boo, you whore.” (Mean Girls)

Cancelled and Confused

With the recent announcement of Eureka’s cancellation, it’s forced me to reminisce on my other TV shows that never finished the way I would have liked to see them end. We all know that our favorite shows won’t last forever (as much as we may want them to). Good things must come to an end. In Eureka’s case, five seasons, is a good long run. The fact that they have a little time to wrap up the series in a some what satisfying way, gives me a little hope.

However, there have been shows that haven’t had that opportunity.

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