New Season Line-Up

Thanks to the amazingness that is TV Line, I’ve been able to create a list of all of my upcoming premieres. It’s pretty extensive, and only solidifies the fact that I watch WAY too much television.
Here’s my run-down (click for a trailer):
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[Fantastic Five Friday] Nine Shows I’m Looking Forward to Returning

inspired by Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday

Here is how it works: It’ll be a weekly meme here at The Weekly Enthusiast. Each week I’ll post a new Fantastic Five list that I will answer here. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, whether you have a TV/Film blog, book blog, personal blog. All I ask is that you link back to The Weekly Enthusiast on your own Fantastic Five list and comment on this post so that everyone can check out the other bloggers lists.

If you don’t have a blog, leave your answers in the comments and get to know other fellow bloggers.

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[Recap&Review] Switched at Birth` To Write a Lonely Solider

Bay learns that a helicopter from her ex-boyfriend Ty’s military unit went down, but the names of those killed in the crash haven’t been released. Emmett becomes jealous when he discovers Bay has been emailing Ty in Afghanistan. Bay eventually learns that Ty was not in the crash, and she tells him that she is seeing Emmett.

Craig learns that someone gave Brizia a large sum of money, and Kathryn confesses that it was from her. Kathryn teams up with Craig to find out how Angelo learned that Brizia was the nurse who made the switch in the first place, but they are met with dead ends.

Daphne unintentionally gets Travis, a Carlton student, fired from his job in the gym. She scores him a job at John’s carwash, but he is fired when he loses his temper after a customer says something offensive about his deafness. Daphne visits him at home and they make up after she realizes he has no one to connect with because his family refuses to learn sign language. Daphne wonders if she’ll ever really connect with Wilke, who also can’t sign.

Meanwhile, Simone sabotages a Guitar Face appearance in order to get Toby to play a solo gig, but Toby figures out her scheme. (from

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[Recap&Review] Switched at Birth` Protect Me From What I Want

Coach Medlock holds a contest to decide the starting lineup for the Buckner girls’ basketball playoff game. Simone hires a private coach with the money she got from selling the watch she thought was stolen. Daphne tells Simone that they should tell someone the watch wasn’t stolen but Simone refuses. Coach Medlock later puts Daphne and Simone up against each other for a spot on the lineup.

Regina meets Patrick, an art gallery owner, at her salon, and he agrees to meet with Bay. But he ends up showing more interest in Regina’s old art pieces.

Kathryn learns that Emmett has an assignment to take a family portrait and offers up their family for the photo shoot, despite Bay’s protests. Emmett becomes upset after a portrait meeting with Kathryn when she mentions Bays relationship with Ty. Bay eases Emmett’s jealousy over Ty after he takes their family portrait. (paraphrased from

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[Recap/Review] Switched at Birth` Les Soeurs D’Estrees

Daphne and Bay join forces to try to come up with money to pay off Emmett’s fine for his arrest so he can save his motorcycle. When selling cupcakes doesn’t bring in the money she hopes, Daphne takes matters into her own hands and lies to the Kennishes about losing her hearing aids. Regina catches Daphne, who has apologizes to Kathryn for her deceit.

Meanwhile, Toby and Wilke recruit Simone to work on their music video. Simone flirts with Toby, while Wilke continues to give Daphne the cold shoulder after getting rejected. Kathryn and John hire a young new lawyer for their lawsuit against the hospital. They also find out the hard way that Angelo never knew that Regina had learned about the switch. Regina starts to question Angelo’s motives and wonders about going into business with him.

Despite their best efforts, the friends don’t raise enough money, and Emmett has no choice but to sell his bike to pay the fine. After giving his mom the money for the fine, Emmett breaks the news to Melody that he’s moving in with his dad. Regina goes to return her key to Angelo, but he explains that he understands her decision not to tell him, and they kiss. (from ABC Family)

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[Recap/Review] Switched at Birth ` Self Portrait with a Bandaged Ear

As Angelo makes Regina a business offer, Daphne finally confronts him about the reason he left. Meanwhile, Melody’s opinion of Bay and Emmett’s relationship doesn’t improve when he gets in trouble. And the Kennish’s entire case against the hospital is put in jeopardy when they learn some new disheartning information about their lawyer. (Summary from

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New Obsession: Switched at Birth

With this entry, I’m introducing a new line of posts that will come as I discover new shows, called New Obsessions. Meaning shows that have been recommended and shows that I’ve discovered that I am now completely addicted to.

Considering how much I’ve been talking about my love of various Sci-Fi(SyFy) shows, I’m going to change it up a little.

About two weeks ago, I discovered a new show on ABC Family called “Switched at Birth”. My initial desire to watch this show, stemmed from the fact that one of main actresses (Vanessa Marano) played Luke’s daughter on Gilmore Girls, I adored her in that show, and I was happy to see that she was in something new. Upon further research, I discovered that the rest of the cast was pretty awesome as well, Lea Thompson, Lucas Grabeel, and D.W. Moffet all star in the show. .

As great as all these actors are, I wasn’t sure if all of this was enough to get me to watch the show. ABC Family has kind of been a hit and miss channel for me when it comes to awesome TV shows. Greek was amazing, though I could personally do without Secret Life of an American Teenager. When I finally found the plot synopsis for Switched at Birth, I knew that this show had to be in my life… LIKE NOW!

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